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Man arrested for possessing kava at Darwin Airport

  1. enquirewithin
    A 53-year-old Tongan man was arrested yesterday at Darwin Airport for possessing approximately 5.8 kilograms of kava. He will appear in Darwin Magistrates Court this morning. Just after 5.30am yesterday, Australian Federal Police were called to the domestic screening point at Darwin Airport and liaised with security screening staff. It will be alleged in court that the man was carrying approximately 5.8 kilograms of kava powder in his luggage. The unlicensed possession and supply of kava is an offence under the Northern Territory Kava Management Act. It is believed the man brought the kava from Tonga.

    The man was charged by AFP officers with:

    Possession of a trafficable quantity of kava, contrary to section 9 of the Kava Management Act (NT)
    Supply of a trafficable quantity of kava, contrary to section 12 of the Kava Management Act (NT)
    The maximum penalty for these offences is two years imprisonment or a $11,000 fine.

    Monday, 30 November 2009

    www dot afp dot gov dot au/media_releases/national/2009/man_arrested_for_possessing_kava_at_darwin_airport


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