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Man arrested in $1 million pot bust

By lexifer · Mar 25, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer


  1. cosmicruler
    "a mature plant is generally valued at $2,000"

    that sounds a bit OTT to swim......!
  2. lexifer
    It truly is ridiculous how much misinformation swim sees in a decent chunk of the articles he finds. Entirely too much overexaggerated and biased material being fed to the general public.

    For instance all the reports along the lines of "Lawmen are calling salvia the new marijuana". Like what the fuck. Last time swim tried salvia it had absolutely nothing in common with marijuana aside from them both being plants. But I guess all swim can really do is speak truth to combat this. So speak the truth he shall.

  3. cosmicruler
    swim agrees totally with swilexifer.....swim believes its called 'media hype'....but if they didnt blow it well out of proportion people wouldnt be reading this shite right now....
  4. lexifer
    Very true. Its just unfortunate how many people these types of reports convince because they don't know any better. They will only see the "evil and destructive" side of the drug culture. Just really pushes swim's buttons, suppose he is venting a bit, but what's wrong with a little venting here and there?
  5. Shampoo
    They also seem to have some of their numbers confused...

    500 plants is worth "more than" $1 million, but 543 is worth "up to" $1 million?

    or are they quoting fluctuations in the cannabis market over the course of the year?
  6. lexifer
    Swim would have to say they are exhibiting the same exaggeration and misinformation he was talking about above.
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