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Man Attempts to pay Water Bill with 3g of CRACK

  1. Basoodler
    Florida authorities are searching for a Deltona man who tried to pay his water bill by handing a cashier an envelope filled with crack cocaine, the sheriff's office said.

    The Deltona Water office was evacuated on Sept. 23 after the water-department employees called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office to take a look at the envelope with the white powder, authorities said.

    A team of law enforcement officials and fire department employees responded to the building, the sheriff's office said.

    According to the report, it is common for customers to drop off envelopes in the counter that contain their water bill payments.

    But in this case, when the employee opened the envelope, there was no statement or writing on it. Instead, the envelope contained a clear plastic bag with 3 grams of crack cocaine.

    The Volusia County Sheriff's Office will continue to investigate the incident. the man was caught on surveillance video and deputies say he left the water office on a bicycle.



  1. Insomniacsdream
    I'm guessing he got his envelopes mixed up and will now be really pissed off. I can't see that being deliberate - there was no note saying 'sorry guys. I can't afford water have some crack instead this month'. Somebody probably got money instead of the crack, this guy will probably go to prison now for several years I am guessing (America has pretty strict laws)?

    Presumably they were worried it might a terrorist attack as well as they evacuated the building.
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