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Man Beaten, Fractures Skull After Breaking Into Apartment

  1. Rob Cypher
    A home invader with an extensive criminal history who broke into a couple’s apartment in December of 2012 was brutally beaten by the residents.

    Justin Lee Bradley couldn’t walk for eight months after the beating. In addition, he has developed a serious stutter, is prone to intense headaches, and has lost his sense of smell.

    Now, Bradley has pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the couple’s home. His sentence for breaking and entering will run concurrently with a 5-year prison sentence he is currently serving for January 2013 drug trafficking charges. Thus, his jail time will be extended by an additional 13 months.

    As Justice Robert Johnson said, “The facts warrant a significant penitentiary term.”

    In addition to ordering Bradley to give a sample of his DNA, Johnson also imposed a lifetime weapons prohibition upon him.

    Around 6 a.m. on December 17, 2012, Bradley and two other men broke down the door of an apartment on Gorge Road East while a couple was sleeping in bed.

    When the man in bed woke up, he saw the three masked men is his doorway. One of the assailants struck him and demanded that he turn over his wallet.

    After handing over his wallet, one of the assailants asked him, “Where’s the rest of the money?”

    As this interaction was occurring, the man’s girlfriend was able to get out of bed and grab a metal baseball bat, which she used to strike Bradley on the head.

    This prompted one of the other assailants to disperse pepper spray, whereupon a fight broke out.

    When the man grabbed the baseball bat from his girlfriend and began to beat Bradley with it, the other two assailants managed to escape through a window.

    The girlfriend has testified that she yelled at her boyfriend to stop beating the intruder. As defense lawyer Michael Munro recounts, “She said, ‘You’re going to kill him.’”

    Bradley managed to flee to the bathroom. When police arrived, he was taken to Victoria General Hospital, where it was discovered that he had suffered a serious skull fracture.

    “He’s now learning disabled,” said Munro.

    “I’ve been losing for quite a while now,” said Bradley, who has no recollection of the events leading to the offense. “I apologize to the people and to the court.”

    “I’d like to deal with it and get on with my life,” Bradley continued.

    The boyfriend has expressed no interest in pursuing any complaint. During the hearing, the defense gave no sign that charges were ever considered being brought against the man or his girlfriend for the injuries inflicted on Bradley.

    The judge noted that Bradley has “a deplorable criminal record”, with previous convictions of breaking and entering, assault, robbery, and multiple drug convictions.

    Bradley was one of eight people charged in a year-long drug investigation ending in the spring of 2007 that involved the production and trafficking of illegal street drugs such as cocaine, hashish and marijuana.

    The 41-year-old man has spent 23 years of his adult life in prison.

    Lina Batarags
    Opposing Views
    February 21, 2014



  1. WraithRanma
    "He is now learning disabled"

    He was learning disabled the second he had the thought to break into someones home, hes lucky to have not been shot and killed.
  2. jazzyj9
    Maybe he'll be a different person now after this. He might be "learning disabled" but maybe he won't be a sociopath any more.
  3. Poppi
    Man, that's crazy! Glad he wasn't more than learning disabled now, he easily could have been killed and no one would have written an article on him. Though I have to wonder, if this was a bunch of kids who broke into dude's apartment and got their asses handed to them and ended up learning disabled, would we be more sympathetic? Does the fact that he has a 23-year relationship with the law that we are quick to suggest that he got what he deserved?

    I personally think a person should be entitled to defend themselves in any manner against an intruder in their home, and I am certainly glad he was caught and will spend time in prison. Sound like he had this coming, it was definitely more than a few years overdue. Perhaps his new learning disability will prevent him from further committing crimes, and in that way I guess his beatdown did come to something good.

    I'm with you guys, and glad this guy's not on the street trying to terrify more people. But did he deserve life-long brain damage for a failed break-in? Hmm, I wonder. On the other side of that coin, supposing he had been successful in his break-in--he could have seriously hurt or killed the apartment owners. I'm all for using any means necessary to stop an intruder. I'd be more than willing to shoot someone dead right in the face if I was in danger of being raped or otherwise brutally hurt, and I wouldn't think twice about my decision to kill. I guess that's the same as fearing you'll be hurt during a home invasion and striking when the iron's hot to defend yourself.

    Sorry for the rambling, but there was something about this article that made me introspective about our personal right to defend ourselves at any cost, and about the kinds of people who commit these types of crimes. Anyone else have these kinds of thoughts?
  4. Alien Sex Fiend
    The couple that woke up to fight intruders are lucky to live in USA. If they were in Canada, they would be facing attempt to murder charge. Canadian law states in self-defense, you may use force to stop the attack(by restraining or scaring away), you may not injure the attacker in retaliation. if a guy pokes you twice with a knife and you poke him once in self-defense and there is a witness, you are not breaking the law. if he starts the fight and you in self defense break his skull, both will be arrested with similar charges. stuff like the guy walks in your house, grabs your tv and starts leaving and you jump out from the toilet and shoot him dead, that stuff doesn't exist in canada, period. self defense is very limited for citizens
  5. Rob Cypher
    Actually, ASF, the incident took place in Victoria, which is in British Columbia.
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