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Man Busted For Ordering Bath Salts Through The Mail

  1. thirdeyelasik
    Man busted for 'bath salts'

    Submitted by admin on Thu, 05/09/2013 - 20:00

    In the first such case in Shawano County, a Birnamwood man is facing felony drug charges after allegedly buying bath salts, a form of designer drugs, through the mail.

    Jessie L. Bierman, 29, is accused of ordering the bath salts over the Internet from a company in Texas.
    Bath salts is the street name for so-called designer drugs that contain synthetic chemicals similar to amphetamines and cocaine and can cause violent or hallucinogenic reactions.

    Federal law passed last year made it illegal to possess, use or distribute many of the chemicals used to make bath salts, but some companies still sell bath salts as "research chemicals," with a disclaimer that they are not to be ingested.

    Bierman is charged with felony counts of manufacture and delivery of amphetamine, possession of amphetamine, maintaining a drug trafficking place and distributing a hazardous substance.

    Shawano County Sheriff's Department deputies responded to a disturbance complaint at Bierman's residence last month, according to the criminal complaint, and spoke with a woman who said Bierman had provided her with bath salts he had gotten in the mail.

    Earlier this month, a package from a Texas company known for selling bath salts through the mail arrived at Bierman's post office box, according to the complaint.

    Authorities obtained a search warrant for the package and found two baggies containing 12 grams of a cream-colored powder.
    The powder was sent to the state crime lab and tested positive for illegal chemicals, according to the complaint.

    Bierman was arrested Tuesday when he picked up the package at his post office box.

    According to the complaint, Bierman told authorities he had been using the bath salts for a couple of months, usually injected with a needle...



  1. thirdeyelasik
    What I want to know is how and why did they obtain a search warrant for the package?Just by looking at it and deeming it suspicious? I posted this because this is seriously scary albeit one year old. This article can cause one to be a little cautious of the USPS at the very least.
  2. MikePatton
    Also, why is he charged with manufacturing? The article doesn't mention anything about it
  3. Phenoxide
    The way the charges have been reported are misleading. The charge they were referring to was for felony distribution of a cathinone. No mention of the specific chemical identity in the public records as far as I can tell, but given the timings and other details (e.g. Bierman was injecting it) I'd speculate MDPV was involved.

    Bierman is also charged with felony distribution of cannabis, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, mantaining a premises for distribution of controlled substances, as well as a couple of misdemeanor charges for bail violations. The case is ongoing, but it looks like they're negotiating a plea deal.

    I'd assume that it was the allegation of dealing during the disturbance the police responded to that gave them reasonable cause to search his residence and post office box. It doesn't sound like the package was intercepted or flagged prior to delivery.
  4. t-girl
    SWIM would never purchase salts from the states. SWIM would also never inject them. Sorry, off topic.
  5. hookedonhelping
    I find it extremely disturbing that they are arresting people prior to identifying the substance they are suspecting as "illegal". With that being said, if you are ordering RC's in the U.S you are playing Russian Roulette with the legal system and if you decide to spin the chamber, make sure your residence is clean of anything that will tack on additional charges.

    Using the U.S Mail system (USPS) to have controlled substances delivered is a felony within itself.
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