Man calls police, reports theft of marijuana

By radiometer · Feb 1, 2006 · ·
  1. radiometer
    Man calls police, reports someone stole marijuana

    Orem officers make double arrests — dealer, alleged thief

    By Jared Page
    Deseret Morning News

    OREM — Excuse me, sir. Is this your weed?

    A smart criminal would answer, "No."

    Then again, a smart criminal wouldn't have called police to report that his marijuana had been stolen.

    "Even the dumb criminals are generally smarter than this," said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

    Police received a call Monday night from an 18-year-old Orem man reporting that his home had been broken into and that the quarter-pound of marijuana he had been trying to sell was missing.

    The burglar had broken a window and apparently cut himself while crawling into the home, Edwards said. The trail of blood indicated that the thief's efforts were concentrated on the 18-year-old's bedroom, where the drugs had been kept.

    The Orem man told police that earlier Monday a 23-year-old Provo man had called him about purchasing the marijuana. The deal didn't take place, however, because the 18-year-old was on his way to work, police said.

    "(He) thought that (the Provo man) might be a good suspect in the case," Edwards said.

    Officers agreed and tracked the Provo man to his mother's home, where they also found 6 ounces of marijuana and a pair of blood-soaked pants.
    The man, who had a large cut on his arm, was arrested and booked in the Utah County Jail on Monday night for investigation of burglary, theft and possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone with the intent to distribute.

    With the stolen property recovered, officers called the 18-year-old and requested that he come to the Orem Public Safety Building to identify the bag of marijuana.

    "He actually came and identified it as his," Edwards said.

    The 18-year-old was taken into custody and booked in the Utah County Jail just after midnight for possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone with intent to distribute.

    "I have no clue as to why (the 18-year-old) would report this crime to the police," Edwards said, "but thank goodness that he did."

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  1. fatmanstan
    Reminds me of a story I read a while back about a girl in Ontario. Different attitudes, I guess. Also different quantities. Still worth a mention.

    Woman reports marijuana theft
    Last Updated Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:03:48

    THORNHILL, ONT. - York Regional Police north of Toronto are investigating a complaint about stolen marijuana – the first since an Ontario court decision that effectively decriminalized possession of the drug, they say.
    An 18-year-old woman in the northern Toronto suburb of Thornhill filed the complaint last week. She claimed to have been robbed of about $20 worth of marijuana by two men, and assaulted when she tried to retrieve it.
    [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=+1]Police call report of $20 worth of marijuana 'a strange story'
    [/FONT]"It's a strange story because we've never had anyone call in to say they've had their drugs stolen," said Const. Steve Morrell.
    The incident is believed to be the first reported case of stolen marijuana in the Greater Toronto Area since May. That's when a judge in Windsor ruled that possession of less than 30 grams of pot is no longer illegal.
    That decision only applies in Ontario, but the federal government is proposing to decriminalize simple marijuana possession.
    Since that decision, Morrell said police have seen a more relaxed attitude towards marijuana use, including motorists who smoke it in their cars.
    "There is no law that stipulates that if you have any amount of marijuana (in your system) that you're driving while impaired," he noted. "In fact, there's no way for us – outside of a blood test – to be able to tell if someone is under the influence of marijuana."
    Although the status of the law is still unclear, Morrell says people are obviously comfortable enough to report someone stealing their drugs. He said police are taking the robbery allegation seriously, and are looking for suspects.
  2. Chaote
    What is a drug-free zone? Is it like one of those 50kmh drive zoners were there is a sign saying please drive 50 because it is our neighbourhood or something like that
  3. Muirner
    a drug free zone is just what the name implys. It is usually around a school or something of that sorts. Your not aloud to have drugs in that zone or the punishment will be harsher, i think x2... Also i think it's like 1000'-2000' with-in a school constitutes a drug free zone

  4. Nagognog2
    Where I live we used to be able to report drug thefts to the police. By this I mean things like someone pulling a weapon and demanding your baggie of grass. But a few years back, under pressure from special interests like the churches, the police will no longer investigate such. Since then, I have noticed a spike in harder drugs coming to town such as crack and heroin. As well as a greater number of burglaries and armed robberies.
  5. radiometer
    damned Tralfamadorian thugs!!
  6. Solidly-here
    I can see the next BIG marijuana story. A person gets ripped-off by his Dealer. He can't report him to the better Business Bureau, so he calls the Police instead.

    A guy buys a quarter-pound of Purple Haze. He brings it home, and finds out that it was dyed purple, and that it is just low-grade Mexican.

    He calls the Police, and reports his Dealer ... for Fraud. "He ripped me off, BIG time. I paid top-dollar for my Pot, and he sold me crap. I want my money back."
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