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  1. Rob Cypher
    A man has been arrested by the Erie County Sheriff's Office after undercover detectives bought pure fentanyl off him. Authorities say one dose would be fatal.

    Angel Marcial, 20, was arrested around 1:45 p.m. Friday on Niagara Street. Authorities say he tried to run from police when he saw officers approaching.

    Marcial is originally from Rochester, but has an Arthur Street address in the Queen City. Deputies seized 20g of suspected heroin, $4,600 in cash, a loaded semi-automatic handgun, and a scanner set to Buffalo Police Department presets from his home.

    Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard said, "If you bought drugs from this man, do not use them. If you use the drugs from this individual, your next dose will very, very likely be your last."

    Marcial is being held in the Erie County Holding Center on charges of two counts of criminal sale of a narcotic drug, two counts of criminal possession of a narcotic drug with intent to sell, and two counts of obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

    Deputies say additional charges are anticipated.

    Rachel Kingston
    WIVB (Channel 4 CBS, Buffalo NY)
    August 23, 2013



  1. Down In Albion
    If the government would just decriminalize drugs, we wouldn't have idiots like this slinging dope *sigh*

    And what the hell, why wouldn't you cut pure Fenny... no one is that stupid... more likely he wanted to kill some junkies.
  2. Maca1
    Poilce still don't encypt their CB communications? Scanners were great fun before they scrambled them here :)
  3. DazedforDays
    What does decriminalization have to do with eliminating dope dealers? Just because something is decriminalized doesnt mean the government would step to tax and sell. It would still be illegal, possession just just wouldnt be a crime under a certain predefined level.
  4. MikePatton
    I believe he meant it would eliminate dope dealers like THIS guy, in other words - people cutting their drugs with deadly poisons.
  5. SpatialReason
    No it wouldn't. That is just a function of criminal economics...
  6. Basoodler

    I will take it a step further and say legalizing all drugs would not eliminate the shifty dealers.. any time you have a product with demand, market value and competition you will have guys like this. Weather its drugs or cheeseburgers.
  7. DazedforDays
    But the guy didn't cut anything? Are you saying that because he was selling pure fent and assuming he was passing it off as dope? I'm sure that's what he was doing bit the article doesn't say so I wasn't commenting on that.
  8. Baritji
    Wow, the same things been done here in my hometown where heroin is very rare. Four people died before word spread. Hope this guy rots in gaol.
  9. MikePatton
    You guys got me wrong, I was just explaining what DownInAlbion was saying, not giving my opinion.

    That said, I can see how decriminalizing the sale of drugs can improve the legitimacy of dealers. If it's decriminalized, you don't need to mess with criminals to get it, and you won't meet as much shady dealers. It is also certain that if the hardest penalty for selling drugs was a fine, more people would do it, and there will be much more competition and thus a better product.

    Still, assholes will always exist, and some of them sell drugs. But why would you cut drugs with something that kills your customers? There were a lot of deaths here last year from heroin cut with rat poison...
  10. Basoodler
    I have my doubts that this was a cut for the following reasons.

    #1 heroin is dirt cheap in the usa.. at times cheaper than dirt weed.

    #2 heroin. Is abundant in the usa.

    #3 if you know the right keywords you can find full synths fent analogspublished on science forums.. with full support in troubleshooting.. recent/current threads and not archives (don't ask me to point you to them..I stay out of suicides)

    I just can't are any reason to cut the already abundant, cheap and pure heroin with anything at the moment.. dph is probably a stretch

    I would think that the idea of cladestine manufacture of fent would be more worrisome.. if the sudden appearance of those threads means anything
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