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  1. buseman
    A STATE Drug Squad raid which netted more than $750,000 worth of marijuana plants has landed a 55-year-old Tiaro man in court.

    Phillip Rodwell Hurst will face trial in the Maryborough Supreme Court charged with producing and possessing a dangerous drug.

    Police searched his Swift Road home on March 29.

    A hydroponic tent and custom-made room were allegedly found in the back of a shed on the property.

    Police allege there were 44 marijuana plants and a further 56 seedlings inside the shed.

    More than half of those seedlings were allegedly growing in a modified fish tank.

    Outside the shed police allegedly found 20 large marijuana plants and 31 smaller plants in pots.

    A small amount of dried marijuana and seeds, plus various drug utensils, were allegedly found inside the house.

    The State Drug Squad estimated the street value of the drugs to be $770,000.

    Hurst was also charged with unlawful possession of a .22 Auschute rifle.

    He appeared in Maryborough Magistrates Court this week represented by solicitor Alex Jones from Ryan and Bosscher Lawyers.

    Prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Lord tendered five witness statements, 49 photographs, a drug analysis certificate and a copy of the search warrant as part of the prosecution's case.

    Mr Jones conceded there was enough evidence to commit the case to the Supreme Court without further examination of the evidence.

    Hurst did not make any comment and did not enter a plea to the charges.

    He was released on bail until his appearance in the Supreme Court.


    Loretta Bryce
    10th July 2010


  1. yonez
    lol that makes swim laugh, he can only picture some one using a knife and fork to eat a bowl of weedies now.
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