Man Chokes To Death On Marijuana After Arrest

By Phungushead · Dec 14, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Man Chokes To Death On Marijuana After Arrest


    Sheriff's deputies in Bay County, Florida said a 23-year-old man was hit with a stun gun and died after choking on a bag of marijuana he ingested during an attempted arrest.

    Local media said Andrew Grande ran from deputies that responded to the scene of a reported physical disturbance early on Friday morning. Investigators eventually confronted Grande who law enforcement said tried to put something in his mouth while struggling against an arrest.

    Police had managed to get one handcuff on Grande's wrist before deputies say he broke free. Police then used a stun gun to take Grande down. After he was shocked, deputies saw that he appeared to be choking.

    Deputies tried to clear Grande's throat with the Heimlich maneuver, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. Grande was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

    12 December 2009

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  1. Euthanatos93420
    Holy shit. This takes the cake.
  2. chinpokomaster
    I can see the headlines now. "Man dies after consuming marijuana".
  3. Hey :-)
    What a disturbing and sad ending .

    Does a stun gun attack effect the ability to swallow then ? Swim doesnt know much about them .
    If so , shouldnt those using them , know this ?
    If so , hasnt the person who used the stun gun commited manslaughter ?

    Swim also feels for the gf/friends/family left behind . They must be feeling terrible .
  4. ex-junkie
    shit. how fucked up does one get in florida for one bag of marijuana thesedays?

    in swims hometown youd get a $50 fine and no conviction. :confused:
  5. Euthanatos93420
    Most likely it was due to the stun gun which causes involuntary spams/convulsions. Not that bud is all that easy to fucking swallow to begin with but a lot of people do it without choking. Not that it's the best thing to do.
  6. chrisjames13
    This is a direct result of making a plant illegal in the first place. If people think the legal highs and legal synthetics are bad now wait until they become illegal. This is a fine example of how warped laws can cause unnecessary deaths. Another fine example of the real effect the War on Drugs is Having. Marijuana laws have become more relaxed in plenty of areas in the US but it is still illegal so stupid shit like this happens. Kid doesn't want to get in trouble for simple bag of dried plant material namely marijuana; so he attempts to ingest it and in a chain reaction of events involving another stun gun and over zealous law enforcement another human life is ended prematurely. Thank you War on Drugs.

    I thought it was messed up when they waged war on ecstacy and a couple kids in Chicago and elsewhere died from ingesting PMA or PMMA that was showing up in its place in pills because ecstacy with MDMA in it was being targeted by the authorities. Now with precursors being targeted all kinds of other drugs or poorer quality synthesize are being performed to keep in line with the demand. On top of that all these deaths related to stun guns and drug busts gone wrong. A 15 year old kid in a nearby town was killed by a stun gun when 3 police were breaking up a High School party and he took a fighting stance against them. The kid didn't look anymore threatening than Harry Potter in his picture. Years before that incident, these cops raided a house in a town nearby where I grew up and they raided the wrong house and shot and killed a 60 year old lady in her own house. I think they woke her out of a sleep.
  7. deadhead89
    Shocking, 1
  8. deadhead89
    I cannot believe a man has lost his life essentially because of a law banning something that is naturally grown upon this planet
  9. gregzy
    And i bet the news will completely over look the fact that technically the cop killed him and go with the typical anti-drug proganda.
  10. Dr. Amapola
    What an (un)perfect example of a needless death!

    If that man hadn't been so frightened by the possibility of charges against him for his pot, then none of this would have happened. ChrisJames13 said it best, this is a direct result of making a PLANT illegal!

    In swim's own humble opinion, no plants should be made illegal, ever, for any reason. G-d gave us all the seed-bearing plants and herbs to use! Not to get biblical, but it's true. And even those that are atheists or non-religious people, can most certainly agree:

    It's RIDICULOUS to outlaw a plant and make growing it or posessing any part of it illegal and punishable by state or federal laws. It doesn't matter if a plant may have medicinal qualities! There are hundreds of plants that are legally growing everywhere, like Belladonna or Datura, that aren't outlawed even though they have psychotropic qualities and are POTENTIALLY DEADLY yet the government does nothing about that. Morning Glories are a common flower that grow everywhere where s.w.i.m. lives and there are hundreds of kids that O.D. on the Morning Glory seeds every year trying to get high on the LSA contained in them, yet the government has done nothing! There are literally hundreds of plants that are dangerous or medicinal (or both, depending on how you look at it) that could be outlawed that are WAY more dangerous than pot.

    Again, no plant should be illegal anywhere for any reason. There is no plant on this earth that should get someone punished or imprisoned. Marijuana is obviously the most innocent of all the illegal plants, and surely should be legal EVERYWHERE, no matter what. Not to mention cannabis grew on just about every continent on the world until gradually people killed all the wild pot plants off, and now there are only a few places in the world where cannabis grows naturally. But even plants that drugs are made from like the opium poppy which is an extremely contraversial subject.

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