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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Man Cleared in Landmark Drug Case

    ABU DHABI — An American man accused of consuming hashish has been acquitted by a court in a landmark
ruling here.
    Forensic evidence proved that the accused had consumed the drug outside the country and could not be held accountable.

    He was acquitted by the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

    The defence lawyer, Ali Al Manaie, told Khaleej Times that the sentence was very important as it established a legal principle in the handling of cases where a crime is committed outside the UAE.

    “It was the testimony of the criminal expert that settled the case,” he added.

    “If the suspect was found having the drug inside the UAE, he would have been prosecuted under Article 142 of the federal criminal procedures law,” he added.

    The suspect entered the country on October 18 and was arrested by the police on October 21 in a brawl with others in front of a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

    A test of the suspect’s blood showed traces of hashish. He confessed that he had used the drug in the United States.

    The court had sought the assistance of a criminal expert to determine the place where the defendant had taken the contraband. The expert found the defendant took the drug in the US.

    Adel Arafah
    29 October 2009



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