Man Conspired To Trade Drugs For Anti-Aircraft Missiles

By HandyMan81 · Sep 27, 2006 ·
  1. HandyMan81
    Tue Sep 26, 11:12 AM ET

    A 55-year-old Pakistani man has been sentenced to an 18-year federal prison term for his role in a drugs-for-weapons scheme that was thwarted by undercover U.S. agents.

    Syed Mustajab Shah, who was sentenced Monday, admitted conspiring with two co-defendants to trade 5 tons of hashish and 600 kilograms of heroin for four Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which they intended to sell to the Taliban.
    He was arrested in Hong Kong in 2002 along with two other men after a meeting with agents posing as drug dealers.

    Two other men pleaded guilty to the same charges in March 2004. Ilyas Ali of St. Paul, Minn., an India-born U.S. citizen, was sentenced in April to more than five years in prison, and 32-year-old Muhamed Abid Afridi received a term of nearly five years.

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