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Man Develops Gut Growth After Drinking From Contaminated Beer Can

By Rob Cypher, Dec 12, 2013 | | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    An Australian fisherman was left with a large growth on his stomach after drinking from a contaminated beer can in May.

    John Macdonald, 60, was drinking a beer on the Brisbane River when he dropped the can into the water. He grabbed it and continued to drink.

    That decision would haunt him because only a few hours later, Macdonald became ill. He couldn’t eat or drink and was rushed to the hospital, the Huffington Post reports. Numerous surgeries were performed on Macdonald in order to eradicate a large mass growing from his stomach.

    After a third operation, the growth was removed and thought of as a success by doctors. But shortly after, Macdonald was left with an even larger stomach bulge.

    On May 8, Macdonald underwent another surgery to remove the large lump, but it returned yet again.

    Now Macdonald is making a “worldwide plea” to anyone who can cure him of his condition. Doctors told him that he would not be able to have another surgery for another 12 months.

    “Clearly the Brisbane River is far more polluted than people think – it was a split second decision on my part – a stupid one – and I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” he said, according to the Huffington Post. “I want to tell my story to the world in the hope that someone somewhere might answer my problem and finally get me well – I’m a good bloke and I want to be around my kids and my little grandchild so if there’s a bloody good doc out there that can help, then give me a holler."

    Doris Quintanilla
    Opposing Views
    December 12, 2013



  1. SB1981
    Now that is just fucking insane. Holy shit! I'm out of words here. I feel so bad for that guy; I truly hope he can be saved.
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    Interesting. It almost looks like a massive hernia....never seen anything like it. Still, based on what I've found on the Brisbane river it is most likely the result of a bacterial infection combined with immune deficiency due to age and maybe alcoholism:

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