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Man dies after 'bath salts' sex session wearing wellies, gas mask and rubber suit

  1. source
    A theology graduate who wanted to be a priest died after taking designer drug “Sextasy” during a bizarre internet sex session.

    Paul Iles took the drug, also known as Bath Salts, during sex games while wearing a gas mask, rubber suit and Wellies.
    An inquest heard the 31-year-old telephone salesman had taken off the rubber gear before collapsing in his kitchen.
    His naked body was found on the morning of April 28 by his partner Ian Newman.

    A postmortem revealed Mr Iles had the designer drug in his blood stream.

    Police traced other men who had chatted with Mr Iles on the sexually explicit Cam4 website on the night of his death.

    Former lover Gwillyn Thear said he saw him just hours before he died.
    He said: “I observed Paul on the internet and saw him in full rubber suit and with a gas mask.
    "He seemed happy for the short time I could see him."
    “Paul was still on the website at 4.15am and I sent him a text and said I was going to bed.”

    The inquest heard Mr Iles, of Cardiff, had a heart attack after taking methylenedioxypyrovalerone – the chemical name for Sextasy.

    Coroner Mary Hassell recorded an open verdict saying: “The drug is new and medical knowledge is very limited.
    "It could have caused his death, it could have had nothing to do with it, or it could have been a factor.
    "But there is not enough evidence to say why Paul died.”

    Mr Newman, Mr Iles’ partner for four years, said: “Paul had recently been experimenting with legal highs.
    "He also sometimes took poppers through his gas mask or just sniffed it from the bottle.”

    The inquest heard Mr Iles, who wanted to be a priest, had strong religious views and would try and convert people on nights out.

    Christopher Davies, a friend of the couple, said: “Paul and Ian had a semi-open relationship and were both happy with this.
    “Paul could be very stubborn and forthright with his religious views.”

    The inquest was also told Paul liked to engage in high risk sex.
    His friend Paul Tallis said: “Paul liked to wear ear plugs, gas mask and full rubber suit.
    "This comes with a very high risk and I have known a few people who have died from this.”

    Sextasy – or Bath Salts because it resembles Epsom Salts – has recently been made illegal in the UK.
    The drug speeds up the central nervous system and produces a number of powerful effects similar to amphetamines.
    These can include hallucinations, paranoia and violent behaviour.
    Other side-effects can include an increased risk of a heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure and suicide.
    Reports have also said users have a markedly increased tolerance for pain.

    From the entertaining Daily Mirror Thursday, 6th September 2012.


  1. hookedonhelping
    Mixing "popper" amyl nitrate with MDPV is a sure way to stress your cardiovascular system to the extent where failure is a very real possibility. Add all the other craziness that is said to be involved in the above article, it sounds like this person either didn't know what he was doing, or he had a death wish.

    I don't know anyone that engages in this sort of behavior, but if anything can be learned from this misfortune, it's clearly don't suffocate your body with plastic and use drugs and expect to have a safe night. I don't mean to sound harsh, but this moronic, if it is factual reporting.
  2. A.Modest.Bunny
    Scary stuff. But I wouldn't wanna mess with bath salts. The effects are unpredictable.
  3. source
    Thats an interesting point, HoH.
    Using certain drugs, especially those associated with cirulation and heart rate, can be extremely dangerous if other activities are participated in.... ie. wearing rubber suits, where your body is constricted and cannot breathe properly anyway.
    I'm not sure, but I bet there isn't much research online about using research chemicals at the same time as participating in sexual acts like this.
  4. profesor
    But the reporting is so sloppy! "Sextasy – or Bath Salts because it resembles Epsom Salts – has recently been made illegal in the UK." Sextasy does not equal "Bath Salts!" "Bath Salts" is a term that could describe any stimulant, and is even used to describe powdered dissociatives, but it is a slang term covering lots of drugs. They are called that because they often have tried to stay legal by making labels "Not for Human Consumption," -and "bath salts" among other things have been used in the label them. Finally, they cannot all be made illegal by their very nature. Cathinones, substituted cathinones and subsituted amphetamines could all be banned, and there would still be other chemicals that would get around laws. It is a little like saying "chemicals have been outlawed in the UK recently..."
    I have my doubts about a lot of the rest of the article, because it is fairly obvious there was nearly no research done. A little ironic to blame the deceased for not doing the same thing as the reporter fails to do.
  5. Alien Sex Fiend
  6. source
    Don't get it.
    Not often I post one-liners, but pfft, there it is. I just don't understand your post, please explain...
  7. RoboCodeine7610
    Why do people keep using the name "bathsalts" as if
    it were one single drug??How can they say "bathsalts" is a stimulant?People are more ignorant about this than they were about marijuana in the reefer madness days...


    Oh, and also:They resemble "espom salts"?I hope they mean in appearence...
  8. OfficerProblem
    I always find reports on drug deaths related to research chemicals and bath salts filled with such ignorance.
    Personally pyrovalerone based analogs are very unforgiving , especially to be having some creepy jerk off sessions while in a skin tight suit. Bad decisions give you a bad outcome
  9. RoboCodeine7610
    It just angers me knowing that most priests are just like this one - Self-righteous, condecending and as soon as you look at their personal life, hypocritical.

    You wanna jerk off wearing a rubber suit while on bath salts?Fine. Just don't go out trying to "convert" people...it's just ridiculous.

  10. Rudyak
    There is an amhico product called Sextacy ...

    Could this be what it is?
  11. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Can someone explain to me what the hell "wellies" are, please?

    Christianity has a lot of rules but I've never heard the one that goes "thou shalt not jack off in a rubber suit after consuming bath salts." He looks like an older version of one of my ex's so I may be partial but he would have been more than welcome to attempt to convert me. Convert me to the rubber suit bath salt shit, not Christianity. I'm not that stupid.
  12. stryder09
    Wellies are large rubber or PVC boots - wellington boots.
  13. corvardus
    Perhaps this link can help you.

    There is another one, Leviticus 18:22, that he also appears hypocritical about.

    Then the priesthood of the church wonder why people are leaving the faith in droves. It would probably be better for a wholesale purge of these morally bankrupt individuals starting from the top down. I'm curious how many would be left in the church once that process was complete.
  14. BigM420
    Bath salts usually contain a cathinone , whis usually is methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), methylone or mephedrone, but the chemical composition isn't always the same and products labeled with the same name can also contain derivatives of pyrovalerone or pipradrol.
  15. GentlemanTom
    I just love how they always describe the effects of the drugs in the media:

    "These can include hallucinations, paranoia and violent behaviour. Other side-effects can include an increased risk of a heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure and suicide."

    So why, according to them, people take drugs? For paranoia? Violent behaviour? Heart attack? :)
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