Man dies after eating marijuana

By Alfa · May 26, 2005 · ·
  1. Alfa

    A 20-year-old Winton Terrace man who had been stopped for a traffic violation died Thursday, apparently after ingesting drugs, police said.

    Police spokesman Lt. Kurt Byrd said an officer pulled the man over on Kings Run Drive in Winton Hills for a traffic violation about 4:30 p.m.

    A computer check revealed that the man, whose identity was not being released this morning, was wanted on misdemeanor warrants, Byrd said.

    While the man was in the back seat of the officer's cruiser, he began to look distressed and the officer asked the man if he was OK, police said. The suspect told the officer he had swallowed marijuana.

    The man began looking increasingly ill and police called for a fire rescue unit.

    The man was taken to University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead Thursday evening.

    The Hamilton County Coroner's Office is investigating to determine what substances the man might have ingested, Byrd said.

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  1. Alfa
  2. sg43
    Yep....theres absolutely no way you can die off of just marijuana...The only possible way is if it was contaminated by some kind of toxic fungus;mold or something, but that still i highly unlikely, SWIM has personally ate about a half ounce and been fine.[​IMG]
  3. polloloco001

    An 18-35 year old man who wants to remain anonymous was diagnosed with
    the terrible disease reefer madness yesterday. yea he totally went off
    the deep end. also his dick fell off and he got like 7 brain tumors. he
    was sent to Fake hospital in Propagandatown and proceded to vomit up
    his intestines all night. coincidentally hell decided to freeze over
    and all pigs within a 200 mile radius grew wings and flew away.
  4. unico_walker
    Isn't it possible the guy lied about what he ingested? If he really did
    ingest marijuana I don't think he would have been so worried as to tell
    the officer.

    Could have been wet too, whats the LD50 for PCP?
  5. Pinkavvy
    yeah ... uh no.

    must have been something else. fucking propoganda machine.
  6. uqlfy
    Wow that must have been some killer shit</span>. Its eithier complete BS or he swallowed something other than or with the weed.

    Now that they covered their covered their asses saying the
    coroner is still looking into cause of death, I bet that the TRUE cause
    of death is not made public.
  7. wann
    Bullshit it is.

    ...edited away...

    Edited by: wann
  8. polloloco001
    i think they were saying he ate it when the cops came so they wouldnt
    find it on him. so like he could have had a fat bag of weed that was
    laced i guess.
  9. Creeping Death
    Maybe if he was allergic to it. I think that's how Bruce Lee died.
  10. antigenesis
    Did he swallow it in the bag?[​IMG]
  11. Diphenhydramine
    holy shit sg43! half an o? swim digested an unknown concentration
    of "weed butter/pesto" with friends a year ago. swim was severely
    high for the entire weekend. It was fucking awesome.
  12. tehsyfdan
    There's no way!!! Unless he choked on the baggie!
  13. Bajeda

    Just wondering, but what was the point of reviving this thread? It doesn't really add anything new, and this topic has been covered better in other threads.

    Plus Drugnews is probably the forum you least want to revive old threads in, considering its a place for news.
  14. Kid A
    Also Ralph Neider was elected president and George W Bush was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  15. AntiAimer
    This could be true, it seem's just about anything that's out there, someone is allergic to it. MAYBE this guy was allergic to the actual Cannabis plant(Plant Material). Had a bad reaction and died. Sucks, another poor soul is dead because the "drug war".

    Also, Bruce Lee didn't die of allergic reaction. The coroner's report was inconclusive, while the doctors had baout 5 reason why he died. One would be his cerebral edema(a swelling of the brain caused by a congestion of fluid). But they did find traces of cannabis in Lee's stomach, but the significance of this discovery is debatable. The doctors pretty much found that it had nothing to do with his death and he most likely died from a tabletof Equagesic((contains two analgesics (acetylsalicylic acid and ethoheptazine) and meprobamate which has muscle relaxant activity with a complementary anxiolytic effect.)) The doctors said he had a hypersensitivity reaction to one or more of chemicals in the pill, causeing the cerebral edema. They stated his death as a, "misadventure".
  16. allyourbase
    its not uncommon for strains of pneumonia causing flu virus or even the more exotic (and deadly) diseases such as escherichia coli 0157 to pop up on pot plants grown in cheap soil.

    PS. Bruce Lee died of cerebral edema.
  17. Nagognog2
    In the late 1970's, the US government was poisoning pot plants with what appeared to be Paraquat - a deadly poison. They also were spraying captured loads of pot, and even hash, and selling them back on the market. This was then re-sold to the public. Eating anything laced with Paraquat could easily kill you.
  18. bman1
    sucks how they put a story out before they know what a subsatce is.
    "The Hamilton County Coroner's Office is investigating to determine what substances the man might have ingested, Byrd said."

    guy most likly said weed because he did not want to say meth/coke. ect. what ever it was thinking he would not get in as much trouble
  19. Paracelsus
    Have you any reference on this, Nagognog? It sounds shocking to me but it isn't really a surprise, considering anything else the US government did to its own people.
  20. Riconoen {UGC}
    it's impossible to die from marijauna. I call bullshit.
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