Man Dies by Smoking 23,000 Spliffs

By BA · Jan 20, 2004 · ·
  1. BA
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    Jan 20 2004
    `First Brit' to die of dope poisoning</TD></TR>
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    A YOUNG man has died from cannabis poisoning after smoking around 23,000 joints.
    Experts believe Lee Maisey, 36, is the first Briton to die as a direct result of taking the drug.
    Cannabis will be downgraded from a class B to a class C illegal drug by the Government on January 29. The move meansmost small-scale users will be let off with a warning.
    Lee smoked around six joints aday for 11 years, aninquest heard. A pal found him dead last August on the living room floor of the house they shared.
    Lee had complained of a headache the day before. But coroner Michael Howells said hewas free from disease.
    The cause of Lee's death was listed as ''cannabis toxicity'' after a post mortem revealed high levels in his blood. The inquest recorded a verdict of death by misadventure because of his illegal drug use.
    Experts warned after the case in Pembroke, Wales that cannabis can be much more powerful than users think.
    Dr Philip Guy, an addictions expert at Hull University, said yesterday: ''Cannabis is not the nice hippy drug it used to be. It is a lot stronger nowadays.''
    Dr Guy added that people who ate the drug rather than smoked it were more at risk.
    ''If you eat a large amount of cannabis it can be deadly, '' he said. ''I would not be surprised if in this case the deceased had ingested a fatal amount.''
    Cannabis has been linked to suicides and fatal accidents. But Lee's case is the first where it has been listed as a direct cause of death.
    The Government has always insisted that cannabis is harmful and should not be used.
    But Home Secretary David Blunkett says he is downgrading it to class C to help police focus on more dangerous drugs like heroin and crack cocaine.
    Blunkett said this week: ''I want to get people off trying cannabis, but I want the education message to be clear: Don't pretend cannabis and crack are the same. They are not.''</TD></TR>
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  1. realitybias
    thats crazy i dont smoke weed it make me paranoid<img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley3.gif">
  2. RoboCop
    Bah i dont believe for a second that anyone has ever died from marijuana. ITS NOT TRUE! Before you could smoke enough to kill you( which could be impossible) you'd be passed out stoned.And if the government is actually saying it there lieng to make it look bad. Screw you all who believes this
  3. RoboCop
    Yes and like I said you'd be to stoned to even smoke anymore before you got close to that, and why would anyone need to smoke that much if you find yourself needing 23,000 spliffs maybe you should move on to acid =P
  4. BA
    I would have believed it, if he had smoked all 23,000 at the same time!

    F**KIN press

  5. livefreeordie
    That's really unfortunate, but it's his fault. One is NOT supposed to eat raw uncooked marijuana. I only found this out recently myself.

    I read that marijuana can cause contact dermatitis, even ulceration, of the skin. This was first medically documented on the hands of workers who harvest hemp in the fields. Marijuana has a physical feature on its outer surface that's rough, abrasive, called cystolith hairs.

    &gt;From here:

    From Ed Rosenthal's MJ Grower's Guide:

    More than 70 percent of the fresh weight of the plant is water. Drying is done to evaporate most of this water, so the marijuana will burn evenly and smoke smoothly. Additionally, the cannabinoids in fresh plant material are mostly in the acid forms, which are not psychoactive. The acid cannabinoids decarboxylate (they lose the gas, carbon dioxide) during the drying or curing processes, which convert them to their psychoactive neutral forms. Decarboxylation is complete if the marijuana is actually smokes. For this reason, no special procedures are needed to decarboxylate the marijuana unless it will be eaten. In that case, the recipe should include a period of dry heating. The heat converts the cannabinoids to their psychoactive neutral forms, and also melts the sharp-pointed cystolith hairs that cover leaves, stems and petioles. Cystolith hairs can cause stomach pains if you eat uncooked marijuana or chew on raw marijuana, which we strongly advise you not to do. ----


    Also, I have read that Timothy Leary had a recipe for a Pot Cracker:
    Put a big bud on a greasy type cracker like Ritz, put a piece of cheddar cheese on top, and nuke it in the microwave for at least 15 seconds.

    Then the only other instance I’ve heard of using the plant, directly, in cooking is using sautéed buds as a salad topping. In this case, the bud is cooked, at least slightly.

    Besides this, I have never heard of anyone advocating or believing that ingesting raw marijuana is without inherent risk.

    I would bet that if the guy died, it wasn’t from THC poisoning, it was from the physical structure of the plant. The article says:

    &gt;"This type of death is extremely rare," Prof John Henry, a toxicologist at
    &gt;Imperial College, London, said after the inquest at Haverfordwest, west Wales.
    &gt;"I have not seen anything like this before. It corrects the argument that
    &gt;cannabis cannot kill anybody."

    He’s irresponsible to say something like that. If the guy had used hemp fibers to make rope so he could hang himself, then yeah cannabis could potentially “kill” someone.It's not common knowledge yet that one is not supposed to eat the plant material like that, but it will be, eventually. The article has the tenor of drug war propaganda.

    Look at the people who are speaking in the original article! People who work in treatment centers, busilystaying in the business of "treating" problems in return for income. The others are law enforcement, big surprise <img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley3.gif"> Making marijuana out to be abigger problem than it is bymisrepresenting the truth, is the MO.
  6. Woodman
    This is just too silly.

    There's no justification for such dramatic waste of good weed; even if you claim gluttony, it's inexcusable.

    The guy deserves a "Darwin Award"

    Out-of-sight = out-of-mind!
  7. Bojangles
    This is can they determine from one death, one experiment, with practically thousands of variables. ... uh I dunno, I do remember hearing that eating it when raw can cause poisoning that is if your getting moldy shit. Cannabis toxicity!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. shane
    this is insane as it just dont happen. i say his pal killed him and used that as the excuse to cover it up<img border="0" src= "smileys/smiley16.gif">
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