Man drives drunk to protest drunk driving charge

By Euphoric · Oct 28, 2008 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    Man drives drunk to protest drunk driving charge

    Mon Oct 27, 1:17 PM

    VIENNA (Reuters) - An Austrian man, charged with drink driving, drove to a police station to complain about the charge whilst drunk, officials said on Monday.

    The 65-year-old had his driving license and car keys first taken away from him on Sunday after driving while over the alcohol limit in the northern city of Linz.

    He then went home, picked up his spare car keys, went back to the abandoned car and drove to police headquarters to explain why he was unhappy with the charge.

    "When the driver tried to show police officers what had happened the first time, they detected he was still under the influence of alcohol," police said in a statement. The driver was charged a second time.

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  1. fiveleggedrat
    What a complete Darwin award winner. Can't we just kill people like this? Sometimes I really wonder if the world would not be better without stupid.
  2. Euthanatos93420
    Come on....if we got rid of people like this we would have nothing left to laugh at. Such people will eventually kill themselves in great darwinian display of humorous ineptitude. Such is one of the greatest reason drugs should be legalized. the darwination of our culture would be hystarical and sole multitude of criminal, social and economical problems all at once while we get a good laugh.

    Seriously...Stop saving the idiots. Such is the reason Serial killers and sociopathes are born....repression of the thanatos complex and such.
  3. 3rd_high
    I've been so furious at times I've done some crazy stuff to put the world to rights, especially when booze was in my system... but this is hilarious!!! Not even I could do that!
  4. Greenport
    I think in this case that the guy deserved it. I think that if drugs including alcohol are to be used, they should be used properly and that driving drunk is not only dangerous for the driver, but anyone that gets in that person's way as well.

    Drunk driving I think is something cops are good for prosecuting - it directly saves lives.
  5. Euthanatos93420
    Yeah, because when you take away their license they stop driving. Seriously when people have problems and have bad decision making processes that late in life incarceration rarely teaches them anything beyond how to be a better criminal.

    But the field of psychology is resigned to follow the money....middle class citizens who can't cope with both parents working and teenage rebellion so they ask for pharmacueticals to cope with the horror they don't know how to deal with. Then, when their teen is caught 'sex texting' or 'smoking or snorting salvia' they turn to the media and government to make legislation take control of our lives.

    Notice it's the same people bitching about welfare mothers and their big screen TV's (That one can pick up for around 100 bucks now that they're outdated as shit). Never mind corporate welfare is 10x+ private welfare. Nevermind social services is such an underfunded and yet hulking bureaucracy decent people have their children taken from them while crack mothers teach their children to jump in the game before they finish elementry and yet these people never see the light of day. And I speak from personal experience on the latter of case. I've lived in the neighborhoods and met those people firsthand. So anyone making a bad rep on this post ought to find something else remark about because it's true and unless you've been there yourself I just don't want to hear it. I know what those neighborhoods are and what they look like. Hear a gunshot outside your window at about one AM...don't bother calling the police at that hour. They won't be there for another three. Even though they're crawling all over the place during the day just down the street at starbucks and mcdonalds. If your brave enough turn off your lights and peep out the window to see kids walking down the street next to crackhead and crackwhores like nothing happened...

    I miss Montel. He was the only person on TV who highlighted this kind of horrific shit. No one wants to see things the way they are. Blue pills, liquor, Soap Operas and Jerry Springer please!
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