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Man eats underwear to beat breathalyzer

  1. trptamene
    I could only find a photocopy of the article:


    added as a thumbnail incase the link dies

    I hope it wasn't laundry day...


  1. jesusfreak666er
    possibly the funniest/stuppiest thing i have heard of.
  2. Joe Duffy
    It never ceases to amaze me the levels of human stupidity!
  3. Donmeka
    what!? 0_O
  4. Alicia
    lol silly man, he he he...uuuhhhhh oh dear...dont mints works>?
  5. trptamene
    I saw an episode on mythbusters about thes....i forgot which "myth" (if any) actually worked, but i do remember that mouthwash was a bad idea. (duh! it usually says like 10% alcohol on the bottle)...anyone else see this episode and remember if anything worked?
  6. Sitbcknchill
    If I recall non of them ended up working on mythbusters.
  7. doppey
    ^^^^^ Correct. Since its expelled from your lungs theres erally nothing feesable you can do to stop it from coming out. most "solutions" work on the logic that the alcohol decected is from the mouth.
  8. grandbaby
    If you've ever been to Stettler, you wouldn't be surprised to know that this man is now Mayor. Hyuk.
  9. Zion_lion
    the best way to beat a breathalizer is to jsut take heroin isnstead, same inhibilitation, less alchohal smell, yup, works out perfect
  10. Alicia
    ummm...i can see that working about the same idea about a guy who reckons he could balance a truck on his head. It work until one would be arrested and possibly screened then guess what possible jail time..

    regardless of what one takes driving under the influence of a drug is dangerous. have the idea you survive a crash but kill a family or bystander in a crash then live with your stupidity for the rest of your days, or if in prison im sure you have lots to think about in the years there.
  11. Fish Cookies
    How can anyone be so stupid?! And why eat ur UNDERPANTS?! haha i think my post here is just to laugh at the guy :p Ah well, drunken moments that everyone has i guess :p
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