Man faces 20 years for the distribution of mushrooms

By samsa · Jan 25, 2009 · Updated Feb 4, 2009 · ·
  1. samsa
    Westlake Village man arrested on drug charges

    Under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms he allegedly sold, a teenage girl wandered naked onto the Ventura Freeway in 2004 and was fatally hit by a car.

    By Scott Glover January 23, 2009

    A Westlake Village man was arrested on federal drug charges Thursday for allegedly selling hallucinogenic mushrooms to a group of young people, including a 17-year-old girl who was fatally struck by a car after she ingested the drugs, stripped naked and wandered onto the Ventura Freeway.

    Steven Thomas Roman, 30, is charged with distribution of narcotics for allegedly selling the drugs to the youths in a Thousand Oaks condominium complex August 14, 2004.

    That evening, the victim, Victoria "Ti" Nugent, consumed two handfuls of the drugs, commonly called "shrooms," while partying with four friends, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles federal court.

    After leaving the condo complex, Nugent and a friend went to her family home, where they intended to have a sleepover. But after taking the drugs, the girls were "bored" and "wide awake" and decided to go for a walk about 2:30 a.m., according to an affidavit by FBI Agent Eric Jensen, which was filed along with the complaint. By the time they arrived unannounced at another friend's house a short time later, Nugent had shed her top.

    Nugent's friends would later tell authorities that she was "all riled up" and "just going crazy," Jensen stated.

    "I know the meaning of life," the teenager proclaimed at one point, according to her friends, the court papers show.

    Concerned about Nugent's behavior, her friends tried to lock her in a room in the house she'd just gone to visit. But she made her way outside and climbed onto a van parked on the street, Jensen said.

    The friend who had taken the drugs with Nugent said that she herself was "kinda hallucinating" and "seeing colors and waviness" when Nugent was atop the van and that that was the last she saw of Nugent, according to the affidavit.

    About 3 a.m., Lloyd Davis, a musician, was headed home to Van Nuys from a gig in Santa Barbara. He was driving about 65 to 70 mph on the Ventura Freeway when a naked young woman appeared in his lane. There was no time to stop, he would later tell authorities.

    Nugent was killed on impact.

    Davis was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    An autopsy found the active ingredients of mushrooms and marijuana in Nugent's system, court papers state.

    Shortly after her death, two of the friends who helped arrange for Roman to deliver the drugs pleaded guilty to state charges of providing a controlled substance to a minor, the affidavit states. Roman was arrested last year in an unrelated ecstasy case and admitted to investigators that he sold the mushrooms to two young men the night Nugent was killed.

    Roman, who is expected to make his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles today, faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if convicted. Neither Roman nor a lawyer who represented him in the earlier drug case could be reached for comment.

    Assistant U.S. Atty. Edward E. Alon, one of the prosecutors in the case, declined to comment.

    another casualty of the drug war...

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  1. phillupblunts
    wow dude thats a crazy story
  2. Greenport
    This is exactly why hallucinogens should not be sold. They should be given to those who want them, and that person needs to be with somebody who is experienced enough to make that person feel comfortable in the case of trauma.

    This is going to have a very negative stigma. Mind you people that this is not the kind of stuff that normally happens on mushrooms - but every once in awhile you get that oddball person who is going to have a different or bad reaction to them and do something completely off-base. Like this.

    For that reason people need to know what's going on with the person they gave the mushrooms to. Otherwise it's their ass. Also, locking them in a room is not a good way to go.

    We don't need this kind of media attention on such an important sacrament :(
  3. chillinwill
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  4. Desertfox
    Why'd they "lock their friend in a room" when they are on mushrooms?!! when the girl if obviously having a life changing experience they try to just leave her alone in a room by herself? you leave a girl that's acting strange and doing crazy things alone, so she can doing any crazy thing that comes to her mind?! it sounds like her friends should go to prison for negligence and not wanting to deal with their friend because they were tripping too.
  5. donottrythisathome
    they locked her in a room lolllll wtf why would you do that
  6. dadrone
    Even Holland is disowning mushrooms and I can see why.

    One time, despite the fact that SWIM was a fairly avid user of mushrooms, he got a hold of some mushrooms that were exceptionally stronger than the ones he had tried in the past.

    SWIM blacked out and fell into a shower. Then he woke up and walked out to a living room to black out again and crash into a coffee table. SWIM has done mushrooms since and been perfectly fine but the point is, they are extremely tough to predict unless you do the same ones from the same people all the time.
  7. Alfa
    I must disagree. They are unpredictable for people who do not know what species, dose or quality of mushrooms they are taking. But asides that, I would not call psilocybe mushrooms unpredictable at normal doses.
  8. dadrone
    My point is that... even a fairly seasoned user can get blindsided so the non-frequent user is almost certainly rolling the dice.
  9. Zentaurus41

    Point being people are retarded no matter what intoxicant they are on.
    It just seems road death by alcohol is nothing compared to road death by mushroom.
    Using the courts logic we should be locking up all pub owners who have sold
    alcohol to people who then went on to die from there own stupidity.​
  10. Greenport
    Ahh Alfa, I must agree with dadrone on this one :) I don't think that they are very predictable even in controlled doses.

    Swim's puppy had a bunch of lovely psilocybe cyanescens once upon a time, absolutely nothing wrong with em and they were incredibly potent (psi. cyans are one of the strongest around!) Anyways the puppy had taken them several times with no ill effects, then one day it was on a relatively low dose and completely blacked out like that, for apparently no reason. This happened once more at a later time and the puppy did some searching. It found out that apparently this happens quite often, especially when mixed with pot (due to the vasoconstrictive properties of tryptamines). The puppy stopped using pot while shrooming and never experienced this symptom again. (Note: The puppy is 100% positive that they were all cyanescens, so there's no chance of poisoning. Also it was in good health at the time...and still is!)

    SwiM's puppy says it misses those days :D

    Also, even at a carefully controlled dosage, psilocybin and other hallucinogens can be unpredictable anyways. People can experience anything from joyous bliss to extreme fear, and can react in many many different ways. Each trip is different and there's no way to foresee what they're really going to do to you ahead of time. Mushrooms are one of the most unpredictable drugs on the planet mate :)
  11. Alfa
    What was the dosage in grams on both occasions? Did SWIY weigh them?

    What vaso-constrictive properties of tryptamines do you mean? Could you add references?
  12. Greenport
    Yes, swiM's puppy (Guinness) had weighed them out quite accurately between a level 2 and level 3 trip, ~1.5g), using the 'mushroom dosage calculator' (which she can't link to.) Guinness would feel weak even while sitting there, and upon getting up everything would go all weird, as if the shrooms instantly got 1000x stronger - very scary she says (rooms would completely morph and turn colors, super-intense fractals all over...frightening and intense)

    At that point she would have to sit down immediately, feeling really dizzy and weak - either that or she'd fall and black out (which did happen once or twice.) A minute later she'd get up again and start feeling better but it was definitely frightening for her at the time. Usually it would scare her mostly sober afterwards, if that makes sense.

    That actually happened the first time on liberty caps and poor Guinness took quite a hard fall that time (story in itself heh). It seems in any case that the combination of pot and mushies was what did it for her. She wishes to note also that it was not stress or anything like that, she'd be feeling alright up until that would happen.

    The best answer Guinness could come up with though was vasoconstriction. Still not 100% sure but she knows what happened.

    --- has psilocybin along with LSA and LSD listed as vasoconstrictors. Also Guinness knows that some compounds derived from ergot are some of the most potent vasoconstrictors known to humans (think St. Anthony's Fire and ergot poisoning - and the gangrene that resulted.) Many tryptamine-based compounds (including tryptamine itself and importantly, serotonin) have vasoconstrictive properties - some more mild than others, so it's not very surprising. Also vasoconstrictors are well-known to cause pupil-dilation, an effect of many psychedelic tryptamines.

    Check out - also search up some stuff about serotonin and other tryptamines and vasoconstriction. In the case of serotonin that's very important say if we get cut, to stop the flow of blood. Guinness also read that the trichromes of stinging nettles contain serotonin (along with acetylcholine and histamine) which if touched cause a horrible burning/stinging. Having been stung by nettles swiM can tell you it is a horrid, awful painful thing. Owwww :(
  13. Alfa
    1.5 grams of psilocybe cyanescens (are you sure this was not panaeolus cyanescens AKA copelandia cyanescens? 1.5 grams would be a pretty strong dose. 0.8 grams would be a normal dose for this specie) is by no means a level 2(light) or 3(medium) trip, as they are one of the most potent species there are. Expect a level 4(strong) to 5(intense) trip with that dose. 1 grams would be a normal dose.
    Note that psilocybe mushrooms decrease in potency in time. This could account for higher doses needed in some cases.

    I have read quite a lot about magic mushrooms & psilocin and have never come accross information that indicates psilocin or other consitiuents of psilocybe mushrooms to be significantly vasoconstrictive. The wikipedia artice does not have any references, so all it means is that someone thinks that psilocin is vasoconstrictive. Not that this really is the case. Nor that it is significant. Can anybody find studies or other references?
  14. Greenport
    Yes most definitely psilocybe cyanescens, they're easy to spot cause of their pretty white stems and wavy caps ;) It could be that the dosage calculator is wrong, but the trip was in no way unhandleable - it felt like a level 2 or 3 experience except during those moments. The calculator lists a level 2 as 0.913g and level 3 as 1.612g. lists 'lightheadedness or fainting (in cases of lowered blood pressure)' as one of the negative symptoms of magic mushrooms. Mayoclinic lists the symptoms of hypotension as 'dizziness or lightheadedness, fainting, lack of concentration, blurred vision, naussa, pale skin, shallow breathing, fatigue, depression and thirst.' - many of which happened. This has happened on rare occasions not on mushies from standing up too fast when Guinness was younger (not recently), but for some reason mushies cause that to happen to her, at least in combination with pot.

    Also she did some research on another forum and found out fainting is actually a moderately common side effect of psilocybe mushrooms - with people stating they've fallen in showers, into tables, all kinds of The end result was just that she learned to be more careful on em, namely to immediately sit if she felt weak.

    ooh yeah they are amazingly potent though :D They can remind ya just how much fun life can be! And personally Guinness likes em because not only are they potent but also they're soo easy to ID. If it has a white stem, bruises greenish-blue, has a wavy cap and has the purplish-brownish-black spores (take sporeprints for the win pplz!), Guinness would always know it was a cyan.

    It was hard to keep that damn dog out of the patches, she'd sniff em out with her big nose on our walks then swiM'd have to carry her home :p
  15. Alfa
    Fainting on psilocybe mushrooms?? Please open up a thread about this topic, because as far as i am aware this is not a common side effect of psilocin mushrooms. Except if you count epilepsy seizures as fainting. I may be wrong, but have not come across this either. A full study & literature review into the dangers of psilocin mushrooms has not found this either.

    Edit: discussion on fainting is now here: Shrooms and weakness/fainting
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