man fakes kidnapping after drug binge

By psyvision2000 · Aug 18, 2005 · ·
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    <TABLE cellSpacing=5 width="90%" align=right>
    <TD =xq>Man faked kidnap after drugs binge, court told

    A man sent a message to his wife telling her he had been kidnapped and those holding him were demanding a £10,000 ransom, the High Court heard today.

    However, Jason Boman, a 34-year-old American living in Lisburn, made up the story to cover his tracks as he had been on a drugs binge and did not want his wife to find out, said Crown lawyer David Hopley.

    Boman, of Thornleigh Drive, applied for bail after being remanded in custody on charges of blackmailing his wife and wasting police time.

    Mr Hopley said on August 5, Boman`s wife Oonagh received a text message from him telling her he had been kidnapped and £10,000 was needed for his release.

    She contacted police, but 45 hours later he was released and no ransom was paid.

    Boman was arrested on suspicison of blackmail and eventually confessed that he had made the whole thing up.

    Mr Hopley said Boman had a drugs problem and police believed that his bizarre behaviour was the result of having taken drugs.

    Defence counsel Barry Gibson said Boman had been living in Northern Ireland for 10 years with his wife and two children.

    He had built up a successful business and recently sold his three restaurants.

    "Outwardly he gave all the appearance of the trappings of success, but behind the scenes he was taking cocaine and his problem got out of control," said Mr Gibson.

    Mr Gibson said Boman had sought medical help and was on remission but relapsed after falling into the company of former associates.

    "On this occasion he went to a house party in Belfast which continued over the week-end," said Mr Gibson.

    "His wife was frantic with worry and was texting and calling him on his mobile. A friend suggested he should make up a good story. So he concocted this one but it spiralled out of control.

    "Understandably, his wife has taken this very badly and she has gone to the United States with their two children on holiday."

    Mr Justice Hart said the facts outlined demonstrated yet again the very grave consequences of taking drugs.

    He granted Boman bail on condition he seeks immediate treatment and does not try to make contact with his wife. </TD></TR></T></TABLE>

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  1. Diphenhydramine
    Hahaha, yeah, taking drugs will not only make you rape and
    kill other people, but kidnap yourself as well! Diabolical, dude!<t></t><table align="right" cellspacing="5" width="90%">
    <td ="xq">

    </font></font> </td></tr></t></table>
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