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Man Found In South Wales Hotel Room Eating Off Woman’s Face

By Basoodler, Nov 8, 2014 | |
  1. Basoodler

    SOUTH WALES – Just two weeks after being released from prison, 34-year-old Matthew Williams was killed by police after he was found in a hotel room chewing off a woman’s face.

    Williams was just released from prison after serving half of a five year prison sentence for violently attacking his girlfriend. He and 22-year-old Cerys Yemm were inside a room at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, a facility used as temporary accommodation for homeless people, and Williams was high on coke.

    The halfway house does not allow residents to have overnight guests, so hotel security went to Williams room to tell him Yemm needed to leave. Williams refused to answer or open the door, so security let themselves in and stumbled into a nightmare.

    According to the reports, they found Williams eating Yemm’s face off.

    They immediately called police who responded and found Williams still in the room attacking Yemm. He’d gouged out both of her eyes and had eaten them, and had also removed half of her face.

    Police ended up using a high-voltage taser, knocking him to the floor. Williams became unresponsive and despite efforts to save him, Williams would end up dying.

    Yemm, who had went to Williams room for a drink, was also pronounced dead from her injuries. The scene was so horrific and macabre, counselor are being made available to those who witnessed it.

    Read more: http://www.dreamindemon.com/2014/11...-hotel-room-eating-womans-face/#ixzz3IVJHo3Cv

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