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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Man found with £1.6m heroin haul in Glasgow
    A man has admitted being involved in the supply of heroin after being caught with £1.6m of the drug during a police surveillance operation in Glasgow.

    Officers observed Scott Smith moving a holdall between his father's house in Carntyne and his girlfriend's parent's house in Shettleston in March 2009.
    The High Court in Glasgow heard this contained 20 kilos of heroin.

    Sentence on Smith, 24, from the city's Cranhill area, was deferred for reports and he was remanded in custody.

    The court was told detectives uncovered £23,500 in banknotes and 22 kilos of heroin in a locked bedroom cupboard in Smith's girlfriend parents' home.
    Other bags containing smaller amounts of the drug were also found, along with a set of digital scales and a knife and spoon with traces of heroin on them.

    The court heard that Smith's DNA was found on two bags in the locked cupboard and his fingerprints on the outside of the Asda carrier bag within a Lego container.

    Heroin was also was found hidden the Lego box along with £15,800 in cash.

    Friday, 8 January 2010



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