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Man had a recently outlawed drug (Mephedrone)

By YIPMAN, Nov 16, 2011 | |
    ANTHONY O'SULLIVAN, with Enniscorthy addresses at Flat 4 in 3 Castle Hill and at 65 Ashbrook, was fined €500 last week for possession of 105 deals of mephedrone, for sale or supply to others. The illicit drugs came to light when Garda John Connolly searched O'sullivan's car at Nunnery Road on July 9 last year. The white powder, divided into packets, was discovered in a sleeping bag on the back seat of the vehicle.

    Defending solicitor Michael O'flaherty pointed out that mephedrone was outlawed in May of last year, just a couple of months before Garda Connolly's intervention. The unemployed accused maintained that he bought the drugs over the internet several months before the law was changed and that he thought that they were still legal. He intended to charge €30 per packet.

    Judge Gerald Haughton wondered aloud whether the mephedrone was in the sleeping bag in order to keep it warm before he handed down the conviction. Noting that a motor vehicle was used in the course of the offence, he added a three-year driving ban.

    O'sullivan admitted two further charges of drug possession arising from a second, earlier search, which was carried out back October 2008 at the house in the Ashbrook estate. On this occasion, Gardaí discovered a cannabis joint and a plastic bag bearing traces of cocaine. Mr O'flaherty stressed that both were for the defendant's own use. The judge recorded fined of €100 for the cannabis and €100 for the cocaine, with six months allowed for payment.

    Tuesday November 15 2011



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