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Man known to kids as 'The Candyman' is busted with cocaine

  1. buseman
    CASEYVILLE -- A man known to neighborhood kids as "The Candyman" was charged Tuesday with possession of cannabis and cocaine.

    Sylvester L. Childress, 49, was arrested after police arranged three organized drug deals from his home at 8809 Bermuda Ave. over the course of several months.

    Police Chief J.D. Roth said the case took a priority because officers knew Childress sold candy to children and fireworks for Independence Day.

    Police were concerned that children may be present when Childress was making or selling drugs, and be victims to potential violence that goes hand-in-hand with drug deals, Roth said.

    He was selling nickel candy to the kids in the neighborhood in kind of a little neighborhood venture, Roth said. Word throughout the neighborhood was that he was called 'The Candyman.

    Childress was convicted in 2008 for selling candy, chips, soda and other items from his home; he was cited with operating a business without a license.

    Police suspected for about five years that Childress had possession of drugs, and was finally able to apprehend him with the help of a confidential source who came forward recently, according to the police report.

    Childress now faces one count of felony unlawful possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and one count of felony unlawful possession with intent to deliver cannabis.

    Police got a search warrant after the three controlled drug buys in April and May in which they got a total of 1 gram of cocaine worth $150 and four bags of cannabis worth $40.

    The St. Clair County Sheriff's Department and Belleville Special Response Team and Caseyville officers conducted the search warrant on May 21.

    They did not find any candy or fireworks when they searched his home, but did seize the following items for evidence: 32.1 grams of cannabis and 1.16 grams of cocaine in individual bags hidden in various parts of the home; a silver firearm with a pink handle in a Space Jam movie video box; $127 in U.S. currency; and various drug paraphernalia.

    Thursday, Jun. 24, 2010


  1. yonez
    150$ dollars for a gram of coke?
    that's insane, but not as insane as a pink handled firearm in a space jam movie box.

    I wonder how much candy he had to trade some little girl for that piece. lol >_<
  2. KingMe
    would anyone trust a guy names "Candyman"? :p

    better still, who would have thought he got the name for selling candy soda and chips from home???
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