Man offers off-duty officer marijuana and then gets arrested

By chillinwill · Feb 11, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    When off-duty Early police Sgt. Shawn Dibrell asked a man for a marijuana roach, the man reached into his car’s ashtray, retrieved the roach and gave it to Dibrell.

    “That was nice of him,” Dibrell said. “I told him I had something for him and I pulled out my badge.”

    Dibrell got the man out of the car, handcuffed him and called Brownwood police, since the incident happened outside a Brownwood convenience store. Officers found more marijuana in the man’s car, Dibrell said.
    James Gaines, 18, of Brownwood, was booked Wednesday night into the Brown County Jail on a charge of delivery of marijuana, jail records state.

    Dibrell, who lives in Brownwood, said he was on his way to work Wednesday night when he stopped at the Food Plaza at Fourth and Magnolia to buy coffee. He wore plainclothes, his badge and gun concealed.

    “As I’m checking out, there’s this guy in front of me purchasing two peach-flavored cigars,” Dibrell said. “I could then smell marijuana and I suspected he was going to use the cigars to make a blunt with. So I went out and followed him to his car.”

    Dibrell smelled more marijuana from inside the car. He leaned down and asked the man through the window if he had any marijuana for sale.

    “He said he’d just got finished smoking it in his car,” Dibrell said. “He said he didn’t have any but would go get me some. Then I asked him if he’d get me a roach.

    “He reached in his ash tray and gave me a roach.”

    By Steve Nash
    Brownwood Bulletin
    Saturday, February 7, 2009 8:05 AM CST

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  1. madfan
    What a complete waste of police & court time!And the taxpayers money!
    Maybe swims behind the times or its not every state that has this law to protect the citizens,but swim thinks that sounds a lot like entrapment.
    Swims glad she doesn`t live in a place where a guy does someone a favour (he thinks) & then winds up getting arrested for it.
  2. SullyGuy
    That's dick move...
  3. entheogensmurf
    Sgt. Shawn Dibrell wins the scum award.

    "To Protect and Serve" my ass.

    Not that I am dismissing the fact that it's illegal to sell/buy cannabis. However, it is a victimless crime -- which is no crime at all. It's people like him that making it nearly impossible to respect law enforcement. and further, to despise them.

    I've known some decent officers before, so I can't say there aren't any nice ones.
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