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  1. Phungushead
    A 20-year-old Glendale man was arrested Thursday after police said he struck an elderly woman in the head with a shovel and then barricaded himself inside his apartment. It took a rubber bullet and Taser before officers were finally able to subdue him.

    The man, Robert William White, sat handcuffed in a wheelchair yelling “God loves all you!” several times to bystanders as paramedics removed him from his apartment in the 1000 block of Spazier Avenue and transported him to a nearby hospital. He admitted to police that he had been drinking soda spiked with the synthetic drug known as bath salts.

    “He seemed completely out of sorts,” said Northwest Glendale Police Lt. Bruce Fox.

    White barricaded himself inside his apartment for nearly an hour until police opened his front door using a key and walked inside to get him, Fox said.

    Police were initially called to the scene about noon after getting reports that White had attacked a woman in a nearby apartment building.

    Witnesses told police that the woman, whose age could not immediately be confirmed, had asked White to stop swinging his shovel at birds before he allegedly used it to strike her in the head.

    Neighbor Salbi Dgeredzyan said White told the woman, “I hate you and I want to kill you today.”

    The woman, whose name wasn't released, was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for what police described as non-life-threatening injuries.
    White ran to his apartment and barricaded himself inside before police arrived, prompting the nearly hourlong standoff.

    Resident Abraham Cabrera said he was inside his home vacuuming when he heard White screaming profanities, threatening to kill someone and breaking glass.

    Photo: Robert William White, restrained in a wheelchair, yells at onlookers as he is removed from his Glendale apartment, where he had barricaded himself after allegedly assaulting an elderly woman with a shovel. Credit: Tim Berger / Times Community News

    June 22, 2012



  1. thirdeyelasik
    This is simply amazing...how many stories are they gonna cook up and put out there to push the bans through easier? Even my own mother tells me stories about what "those crazy bath salt maniacs" do every week. While there is some merit to some of these stories...come on.
  2. trdofbeingtrd
    So "bath salts" (cause everyone says bath salts, not the specific brand) causes people to hit someone in the head with a shovel, but have the common sense to run up to where they live and barricade themselves inside because they know the officers are coming and they did wrong?

    Almost seems with all these MANY news articles lately that either A: it is a bunch of media hype propaganda so that politicians can pass laws and bans against drugs or B: people can now do whatever they want and say "I was on bath salts". Really, I mean can anyone on this site tell me that the new research chemical "bath salts" out there is really causing ALL these new violent events?

    My wife is has her profile on here but I can't get her to really go on.........anyways, she wants me to tell DF about when she was in the store her mom works in and a lady had a full shopping cart but before getting to the counter told my wife she didn't know what to do because her son just hung up on her and left the conversation with "I am going to kill myself with bath salts". I don't think my wife would lie to me, especially knowing how I feel about all this recent "bath salts did it" crap, but it just sounds fishy no matter what. My wife even said she dosen't understand why the woman was so concerned about the stuff in her cart and with something so dramatic wanted to know if she can come back later to get it, also why it's always just "bath salts". I think this is the newest scapegoat for people.
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