Man Pleads Guilty In Rocket-Launch Drug Case

By hh339 · Jul 10, 2006 · ·
  1. hh339
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Two men were smart enough to design a home-made rocket that would shoot their drugs into space if they were caught by police.

    That little detail led two Kentucky men to prison, after they were stopped last summer with a cigarette-lighter-powered, drug-hiding rocket in the trunk of the car on I-70 near Columbia.

    Joseph Seidl pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges of conspiring to deal methamphetamine. Michael Sullivan pleaded guilty last month to his role in the conspiracy.

    Investigators said the duo planned to activate the rocket from the driver's seat, sending the two pounds of meth it contained from the trunk before officers could seize it. But the device wasn't plugged in, so it didn't go anywhere.

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  1. korky8097
    You know, is it just me, or is that one really kickass idea? Thank God the media helped everyone on that one because that isnt a very common meathod.

    I mean with the recent firework season and all...
  2. Sklander
    SWIM must say, this is a great idea. Too bad they didn't have it plugged in.

    "Meth traffickers launch drugs into Space before Officials could seize them."

    Man, that'd be a great headline.
  3. RunRedFox
    i can only imagine the looks of frustration, confusion and anger on the cops face as they watch their bust fly off.
  4. Forthesevenlakes
    this is the most ingenious idea swim has heard of in a while. swim is just imagining it catching on...and then one day awakening to a rocket full of his favorite compounds crashing into the lawn. who knows, maybe with enough media exposure it could happen.
  5. hh339
    Yes, it is quite interesting. Having a rocket all set to go in the chimney or on the balcony with the drugs attached to it would be nice. And a remote to set it off with! If one is dumb enough to keep drugs at home that is.
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