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Man pleads guilty to conspiracy to possess €600,000 of cocaine

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Man pleads guilty to conspiracy to possess €600,000 of cocaine

    A Dublin man has pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to possess €600,000 of cocaine three years ago.

    John Gosson (aged 29) of Castlegrange Avenue, Swords, pleaded guilty before a jury which had been sworn in for his trial, to conspiring to possess the drug with two other men in north Co Dublin on September 14, 2006.

    Judge Patricia Ryan thanked the seven men and five women of the jury for answering their jury summons and put the case back for sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court early next year.



  1. sweettea
    That's a rather big number, to me it is... €600,000. How much does that translate to in quantity of substance? He's 29 years old? What will Irish law do to him? At least the judge is polite.
  2. jgarlopa
    Irish and British law are EXTREMELY harsh when dealing with intent to supply. This guy can probably expect at least a six year sentence.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
    :eek: me thinks he would be looking at ~much~ longer in the US of A
  4. jgarlopa
    It's very likely that he would, but due to personal experience in both places, Cowboy can tell you that he could expect at least twice as much time in IE as in USA.
  5. Nature Boy
    Just to note, the value placed on drugs by police in Ireland is the overall value that one might coup off a certain weight. In others words, that €600,000 figure would not be as high in a once-off deal but that amount could be expected overall as it trickles down the supply line from dealer to dealer. Of course they probably still bump the figure up slightly. A high estimation means a longer sentence.
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