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man runs into buring house to rescue herb

By psyvision2000 · Nov 28, 2005 · ·
  1. psyvision2000
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    24 November 2005

    Police: Man tried to rescue drugs from fire

    LISLE, N.Y. State police in the Southern Tier say a man ran into his burning home to rescue a stash of drugs.

    Now 38-year-old Leslie Manasse of Lisle faces several charges, including drug possession, drug use and obstructing firefighting operations.

    State police say Manasse ran into the burning house after being told not to and returned with two small bags of marijuana and a bag with several grams of a white crystal-like substance. That bag was sent to a state lab for testing.

    Lisle is 18 miles north of Binghamton.



  1. DoorsPerception
    he did this with police/firefighters around.......i hope it was some damn goood "crystal substance"
  2. Solidly-here
    Too bad Leslie didn't have a cat in the house too. He could have run outside, his precious cat meowing in gratitude (and put the baggies in his pocket). Then he would a hero, instead of a dumb druggie.

    He runs outside, with baggies. The obvious question: "What do you have in those baggies?" Leslie must have said: "Oh these? Hey, cut me some slack, this is White Widow. It's bad-ass weed." The cop responded: "Wow! that's some good stuff. Do you mind if I have some? . . . I'll trade you these hand-cuffs for your Dope, you dope."

    Now Leslie has some time to think over his actions. Next time, get a pet first -- or don't call the Fire Department until after you collect your goodies.
  3. Nagognog2
    Cats are extremely intelligent creatures. No self-respecting cat would choose to live with someone that stupid. It would have taken off.
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