Man says too drugged to remember chopping up teen

By Phungushead · Jul 24, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Man says too drugged to remember chopping up teen[/FONT]

    crazy-guy.jpg HONGKONG (July 22, 2009): A man accused of chopping up a 16-year-old girl and flushing her body parts down a toilet of a Hongkong flat claimed he was so dazed by drugs that he had no memory of killing her, a newspaper report said yesterday.

    Ting Kai-tai, 24, told police he could only remember that he had gripped the girl's neck for "one or two minutes" in April as they played "vigorously" in bed, the South China Morning Post said.

    In a police interview read out on Monday at the opening of Ting's murder trial, he said he could only vaguely remember telephoning the girl on April 27 asking her to have sex with him.

    Ting, who admitted taking the drugs ecstasy and ketamine at a disco the night before meeting the girl, told police he later woke up to find Wong Ka-miu lying dead on the bed with blood oozing from her mouth.

    He told police he then dismembered Wong's body and flushed the small pieces down the toilet. He also said he beheaded the teenager and dumped her head into the sea.

    Investigators later found human tissue mixed with sediment in an underground sewer pipe at the building where Ting rented his flat.

    Ting and Wong - who had previously met on a website specialising in compensated dating, a euphemism for prostitution among teenagers - had agreed to meet for a price of HK$1,500 (RM677).

    Ting has pleaded not guilty to murder.

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  1. Sugar1
    How in the world did the find him not guilty but they have the evidence to take him down?
  2. anonuser30500
    The accused claims he is not guilty, no verdict has been reached as of yet.

    Sounds like this perp is using the old 'it was the drugs' defence. A defence used so often that it gives drugs a bad name!

    Contrast that to alcohol related murders.

    China being China, the penalty for murdering a young girl will likely be death.

    Given the horrific fate of this poor young girl I cannot say I'll be complaining to the Chinese Embassy on the injustice of it all, if he is shot.
  3. nibble
    Hong Kong is largely self governed and is not generally subject to the overuling of the the greater People's Republic, the laws tend to be more in line with western countries.
  4. anonuser30500
    Misread it nibble, thought it was China. He won't face capital punishment.

    Either way, blaming the drugs is laughable.

    Thanks for the correction.
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