Man Sentenced To 45 Years For Selling $200 Worth Of Cocaine

By chillinwill · Nov 7, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    BRANDON -- A Rankin County judge sentenced a drug dealer to 45 years in prison for selling $200 worth of crack cocaine, Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest said.

    Following a one-day trial, Robert Hilliard was found guilty. Though 15 years was suspended, Hilliard will be required to serve 85 percent of his sentence, Guest said.

    On Sept. 24, 2007, the Flowood Police Department conducted a narcotics operation where a confidential informant contacted Hilliard by phone and he committed to selling the informant $200 of crack cocaine, Guest said. Once Hilliard arrived at the agreed upon location, he sold crack cocaine for $200 and law enforcement officers attempted to arrest him.

    Hilliard tried to get away and threw the money out of the window of his vehicle prior to being placed under arrest, Guest said. Police were able to capture the pursuit on video and were able to recover the marked buy money.

    Hilliard had been previously arrested and later pleaded guilty to a lesser included charge of possession of cocaine in 2003 in Hinds County, Guest said.

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  1. pyroarchy
    Yea having previous drug felon charges does'nt help matters any, after so many its habitual, even for minor Marijuana charges :( Most marked money SWIM has seen was stamped with UV reactive ink, un-detectable by the naked eye.
  2. discodave
    and this is why swim would never live in the US. land of the free? yeah in antiquity. they got you suckered up good and pretty. this ain't george washingtons manor anymore, it ain't even ur granddaddies.

    in europe u'd get a slap on the wrist in this scenario, at most a couple of months jail.

    sure we got more low level crime than you, but we got less murder and rape too. so ur heavy handed policies create high level criminals for less low level ones.

    good policy? US seems to think so. swim will stay in europe.
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