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Man shoots son after catching him injecting heroin.

  1. detoxin momma
    MILWAUKEE (WISN/CNN) -- A Wisconsin man who admitted to shooting his son said he was fed up with his son's addiction to heroin.

    Richard Matte told police he just wanted to scare his 27-year-old son, Zak, by shooting at a wall.

    “I shot my son in the arm on accident," Matte told a 911 dispatcher last month.

    Greenfield police arrested Matte after that blunt phone call. Matte told the dispatcher he was at his wit's end over his son's heroin abuse and snapped.

    "The bullet went through my elbow up to my shoulder, tearing all this muscle,” Zak told WISN-TV. “They had to re-sew it all together."

    Matte appeared in court for the first time Friday afternoon. His attorney attributed the shooting to the fatigue and frustration of living with and trying to help a heroin addict.

    “It's a horrendous experience,” attorney Anthony Cotton said. “It's something that puts tremendous stress on relationships and marriages in a family. And i have no doubt that was happening here in this case."

    Richard Matte posted bail for $15,000 and was ordered back to court later this month. He could face up to 17 years in prison, if convicted.

    photo WISN via CNN
    originally posted March 6 2017


  1. TetShima
    Shoot someone addicted to a narcotic analgesic because you're "fed up" with their addiction.

    I'm surprised that this didn't happen in Florida.
    1. detoxin momma
      im surprised it didnt happen here where i live, oh wait , it does....he said he meant to scare him....this is my point....probably has a legit registration on that weapon to....crazy!
  2. Willie84
    Father of the year. I'm sure his parenting style had nothing at all to do with his son finding his way to heroin. I hope the son gets as far away as possible from his asshat of a dad, and finds others who can get him help. The father should rot in a cell for attempted murder.
  3. Guacamole
    You shoot heroin I shoot you! Interesting style it sounds wildly proactive..

    Hopefully it worked.. I doubt that arm injury helped the dude stay off pain killers tho.. The Dad if he really loves his son must be in his own world.. Peace and recovery blessings to them
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