Man shot by police was running "mescaline lab"

By Abrad · Oct 29, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    The Tualatin, Sherwood and Washington County officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave

    TUALATIN — The Tualatin apartment of a home-invader killed Sunday by a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy was full of drugs and drug-making equipment, according to sheriff’s officials.

    Five to six marijuana plants, psychedelic mushrooms, a recipe for mescaline and chemicals consistent with the manufacture of mescaline, were all reportedly seized from the apartment of Jordan Laird Case on Tuesday afternoon.

    Sgt. David Thompson, public information officer for the sheriff’s office, noted that investigators are still awaiting lab confirmation of the drugs seized from Case’s apartment in the 12000 block of Tualatin Road.

    Case, 20, was shot and killed early Sunday morning by a sheriff’s deputy after allegedly breaking into a neighbor’s apartment in the Woodridge Apartment complex, assaulting her in front of her 8-year-old daughter, running from police and then trying to grab a rifle that was mounted inside a deputy’s patrol vehicle.

    Autopsy results have not been released on Case, which is expected to include a toxicology report to determine if Case was under the influence of drugs at the time of his death.

    According to an initial press release from the sheriff’s office, a 29-year-old woman awoke just before midnight on Saturday to find an intruder in her apartment. After asking the intruder, Case, to leave, the woman reportedly ran to a back bedroom where her 8-year-old daughter was located and called 9-1-1.

    The woman struggled to keep the bedroom door closed, but Case overpowered her and entered the room, according to police reports.

    The woman fought Case for several minutes. Tualatin police officer, John Jayne then arrived on the scene and engaged the suspect. Case apparently displayed a knife. Jayne used a Taser on Case, but the shock apparently had no effect. Case then ran across Southwest Tualatin Road.

    Sherwood police officer Adam Keese arrived and shot Case several times with beanbags. Again, Case did not respond to commands to stop.

    Case then began to run toward a Washington County sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle. Deputy Glenn Howard used a Taser on Case, which again had no effect.

    According to reports, Case then leaned into the deputy’s car and reached for an MP-5 rifle that was mounted between the seats. Howard then shot Case multiple times, with at least one of the rounds striking Case.

    According to reports, Case then backed out of the vehicle and hesitated for a moment before entering the deputy’s car again and reaching for the rifle. Howard again shot Case who then collapsed on the ground. Case was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Jayne, Keese and Howard have all been placed on paid administrative leave. Jayne has been a patrol officer with the Tualatin Police Department since 2004. Keese has been a patrol officer with the Sherwood Police Department since 2003. Howard has been with the Washington County sheriff’s office since 2005 and works as a deputy in the patrol division.

    The search of Case’s apartment Tuesday was done with the cooperation of Case’s parents, Thompson said. The search, which began with detectives from the countywide Major Crime Teams, ended with members of the Westside Narcotics Clandestine Lab Team taking precautions in removing the multitude of drugs and drug manufacturing chemicals from the apartment. Thompson noted that the search took several hours.

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  1. Abrad
    Identifications made in Tualatin shooting
    Authorities have identified a man who was shot by a Washington County Sheriff's Office deputy Sunday, Oct. 22, as well as the three police officers involved.

    Jordan Laird Case, 20, allegedly attacked a woman and her child in their apartment, and was later shot to death by Deputy Glenn Howard. Howard, 36, has been with the WCSO since 2005. He fired a Taser at Case before firing the fatal rounds.

    Tualatin Police Department Officer John Jayne, 31, and Sherwood Police Department Officer Adam Keese, 34, also tried to disable Case. Jayne fired a Taser and Keese fired "bean-bag" rounds. Case was identified by a citizen who recognized a drawing of a unique tattoo released yesterday.

    Investigators from the Major Crimes Team searched Case's apartment, at 12001 SW Tualatin Road, on Wednesday. Inside they found marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, drug recipes and chemicals consistent with deriving the hallucinogen mescaline from a cactus.

    All three officers continue to be on paid leave pending the results of the Crimes Team investigation, said WCSO Sgt. David Thompson.

    The team will present it to the Washington County District Attorney when it is complete, Thompson said.
  2. Abrad
    Drug lab link in deadly police shooting
    Washington County investigators said they found an active mescaline lab inside the apartment of a man they shot and killed in Tualatin Saturday night. Mescaline is an illegal hallucinogenic drug made from cactus.
    Photo courtesy of MySpace

    Detectives said they made the discovery while looking through the apartment of 20-year-old Jordan Case.

    Monday, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office identified Case as the man deputies killed Saturday.

    A woman who lives in Case’s apartment complex said he broke into her apartment and threatened her, and her 8-year-old daughter. She says he told her he was, “high on mushrooms.”

    The woman, whose identity is not being released, called police. When they arrived at her apartment, Case allegedly fought with police. Deputies shot him after they claimed he tried to grab a deputy’s submachine gun. Before firing, the deputies said tasers and beanbag rounds failed to subdue Case.

    Late Tuesday afternoon Washington County’s Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team brought a cactus, marijuana plants and chemicals out of Case’s apartment.

    A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the lab was potentially as dangerous as a meth-amphetamine lab. “It’s acids, bases and solvents,” said Sgt. David Thompson, “All the same items used in the production of meth, with the same toxicity.”

    Sgt. Thompson could not recall another mescaline lab bust in Washington County.
    Police outside the apartment where an intruder suspect was shot.

    Jordan Case graduated from Reynolds High School in 2004 with a 3.55 grade point average. Teachers remembered him Tuesday as an “excellent student” who took college preparatory courses.

    On what appeared to be Case’s page, he called himself a “hippie.” He wrote, “I want peace.”
  3. emineo
    I don't know anything about the reporting news agencies but it points out an interesting phenomena. His crimes were progressively downgraded in each successive article which one can only wonder why.

    I believe that if the young man were found in a home he violently forced his way into and were brandishing a knife after having assaulted a young woman and/or her daughter he would have been instantly put down.

    Never the less, a knife wielding hippie who wants peace is quite an ironic character. The entire story does not seem to fit well with what logic would dictate.

    It's also slightly disturbing that deputies in Washington, where crime is nowhere near the rates and intensity of say New York, L.A. or Miami, are riding around with MP5 submachine guns in their vehicle. This weapon is the favorite of paramilitary forces world wide.

    To me this looks like an opportunity to demoinze the young man creating an opportunity to justify his killing, whatever his crimes may or may not have been. It also points out varying degrees of media bias in reporting the news.

    Unfortunate, any way you look at it, and the victims ultimately include everyone.

    As a side note, if he was indeed under the influence a sitter may have prevented everything!
  4. darawk
    How does this shit get reported? "Acids, bases, and solvents", huh? Kinda like lemon juice, milk, and paint stripper? Three substances probably found in nearly every home in the world? Who qualifies these people to hold these jobs? Do you realize how many people have to have read that quote without a second thought for it to actually make it into print? Shit, WATER is a solvent. Better ditch your stash of Arrowhead next time you get pulled over.

    1. The spokesperon's speech writers and the spokesperson himself probably discussed what he was going to say beforehand.
    2. Spokesperson actually goes out and makes the statement.
    3. Journalist quotes him.
    4. Editor reads over the article and says nothing.

    Seriously. What the fuck? How does this shit happen?
  5. Nagognog2
  6. Bajeda
    This didn't happen in Washington.

    Tualatin is just south of Portland, Oregon, so it falls into the suburbia category under Portland's "Outlying Areas" along with a number of other places.

    It doesn't surprise me as much that the cop had a MP5 in that case. The headquarters of the entire state's police force is only an hour an a half or so south and traffic up towards Portland is quite heavily laden with police officers. If the guy could have chosen a worse place to commit a crime like this the only other place in Oregon I could think of is in Salem right next to State Police HQ!!

    lol, that definitely explains the hippie part though. And I don't know why the kid was making mescaline, it isn't THAT hard to find peyote in Oregon that you need to make it yourself.
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    Just another example of overzealous police raids so they can get a story on the 6 o'clock news saying "See the war on drugs in working look at this huge bust we just made!". swim got his house raided along time ago and they found ephedrine (energy supplements) and lithium batteries and automatically accused him of cooking meth, the batteries were for a digital camera for fucks sake but they didnt listen. thankfully they know they couldnt get anything on swim and he got off with a lecture.
  8. darawk
    No doubt he had the nutmeg next to some evil acids like vinegar and orange juice. Hell, he probably even had those nasty solvents like water and alcohol in his house. "OMG, he has ONE of the chemicals that COULD be used in the synthesis of mescaline, AND he has clearly read about mescaline, he must by synthesizing it even though it's one of the hardest syntheses to perform and acquire the precursors for"
  9. Bajeda
    hmmmm.... I also wonder if he actually grabbed for the rifle. The video camera in cop cars faces out the front, so it easily could have been that the cop overreacted, missed the previous taser shot or something (why would it just "not work", those things fuck you up regardless of what drug you're on) and ended up shooting him and needing an excuse.

    Not gonna be a conspiracy theorist here, but I am generally skeptical of police reports where someone is acting really crazy (generally blamed on drugs, which I find difficult to understand as I would be helpless tripping on anything) and ends up getting shot somehow despite having no violent record beforehand.

    ah well... thats life.
  10. Zentaurus41
    He wasn't making mescaline though only processing the stuff there is a big difference. As for the rest of the story I just think most of its probably BS or to make the poor guy look like some sort of monster.

    But they might as well do the same to me, nothing will ever stop me from munching Pedro.
  11. Police Officer
    The police are often thrust into a paramilitary role. Thus, very often we can be considered paramilitary.

    This guy was not a victim as you stated. Imagine your wife was home alone with your 8 year old daughter, and some drugged out whack job with a knife broke in your house, and then broke into the bedroom where your wife was hiding. He's not so much a victim anymore, is he? Nope, he's more like a criminal.

    What do you suggest the Police should have done when the guy was attempting to get ahold of a automatic weapon? Should they have waited until he emptied a clip?

    Why would you say its disturbing that smaller communities are properly prepared to combat a heavily armed criminal. Let me help you understand things the way I see things. Rural America...everyone has a rifle. When you are shot at close range with a 9mm, you might have a 2 inch hole from the exit wound. Your insides will be affected a little bit. When you are shot with a .308 rifle round at the same distance then exit wound would be about 6 inches. The round will also turn your insides into mush from the concussion and pressure from the .308.

    I'm not trying to be argumentative, I just cannot understand why you would say what you said.
  12. Police Officer
    You're kidding, right? This douchebag is a monster. Do any of you have Just because he is a fellow drug user does not mean what he did is right. I am apauled at the posts here.

    How about this. Take out the fact that he was a drug user. Just consider the fact that he broke into a neighbors house with a knife, and then broke into the bedroom where the woman and her 8 year old were hiding. Consider the terror that they must have felt while this was happening. Consider that this criminal was attempting to arm himself to take on the Police. With all that under consideration, do you feel differently?
  13. Bajeda

    I don't think its so much that the people here are identifying with the perpetrator here or find the events to be a miscarriage of justice, but rather its the way that drugs are portrayed in the media. The fact that he is producing mescaline and the way that is reported shines a negative light on the substance itself, which can be quite irritating as for all the responsible drug users out there you always have to have one psychotic douchebag to go do something stupid and mess it up for the rest of them. (not that it especially makes a difference with prohibition today, but it doesn't really help).
  14. Beeker
    This is where "Set and Setting" and a siter come in. It could have been that he was so fuggled up that he wanted to talk to someone who was grounded in their reality to tell them, "it's just a drug, it will go away." Also extracting Mescaline from cactus is NOTHING like a meth lab which is posted all over the news so the news can't be trusted in this story. Maybe he was just looking for help then had to fend off fake demons in his mind. There is no video of him "arming himself" so I'm really leaning on the, "Oh shit! We killed a white middle class kid! He was going for the gun? RIGHT RIGHT??!?"

    I don't think it is at all right what he did, like that American who went breaking stained glass church windows on mushrooms in Ireland before this years Mushroom ban but he didn't get killed lol.

    I'm apauled that a law officer thinks that him being shot to death was a proper reaction in this case. This is the 3rd, "US officer kills crazed mushroomer" story I've heard. At least this one didn't come with video like that poor kid who ran naked at a cop getting shot to death last year. I mean, common! You don't get more "unarmed" then naked running around flailing.

    I do know cops profile where I am. I get out of my car and greet the officer when I'm speeding. It is rather friendly back and forth "I was going 80?" stuff. If I was black or Hispanic that wouldn't be the case at all. If I was a cop, and in need to protect myself from the dangers of the street I would not have a sub-machine gun easily grabbable in my car #1, I would have chemical weapons as well as a taser #2, I would have had the guy in cuffs before he went anywhere #3 ... that is enough reasons to say these officers did not do their job at all and should be fired ASAP as well as money made available to the family of the kid.
  15. Beeker

    Just thought I'd add this one from Orange Co.

    Three Orange County Sheriff's Office weapons, including a machine gun with a noise depression device, were stolen out of an agency vehicle, according to a department news release.

    The report said a fully automatic UMP-45 machine gun, an assault rifle and a Glock semiautomatic handgun were stolen during the burglary and are missing.The vehicle was one of at least three cars broken into some time early Friday near Curry Ford Road and South Dean Road.

    The Sheriff's Office is also conducting an internal review to determine whether the weapons were secured in accordance with agency policy, the release said.
  16. old hippie 56
    What are cops doing with a silenced weapon? Swim can understand full-auto, but a silencer.
  17. stoneinfocus
    Ywah, too much is too much, they know too mucgh about you, even if you´ve never been offically into any investigation, just knowing the "right or "wrong" persons, maybe smoking pot sometimes.

    Then, faster than you can say "attorney", you will have an accident, all the clubs, where we used to rave, are closed and/or overtaken by douchbags which will "celebrate" everything we hate and all the others are in "treatment" mobbed, or under civil arrest, conducted by the "avarage joe" which feels so annoyed by the party people and the cruel, very artful graffities and the evil drugs going around, when you were hanging otu wth the wrong peiople, you will get mobbed at your working site or job and so on... it really has fascist dimension with those retards.

    There´s something completely going wrong, we need a stronger involvement of the "not guilty until proven guilty" law, which means, that even if there´s obvioulsy drugs around in bar or whatsoever, there shouldn´t be any investigation, until someone is complaining by being directly and personally affected by a crime.
  18. Beeker
    Well you don't get more effected by the crime then a bemushroomed kid who can't even buy beer yet rambling away after entering your appartment without an invite.

    I think, if anything, this continues the idea that propaganda news can always play into what your debating ... on both sides of any war.
  19. stoneinfocus
    There has to be some common sense, this guy was obviously insane in this situation and maybe not since yesterday, maybe he was driven insane by just those "fine" neighbours -yes, that´s possible, you may drive any "normal" person "insane" as every psychiatrist will tell you, that it´ll work.

    It´s then not the drug´s fault, but again and again, a socially conducted drama, maybe he has been mobbed, ´cause he was somekind different and the neighbours felt like accusing him was the only way of getting into contact with him and doing so, trying to get into contact with something they don´t understand and something they´re not brave enough to understand, fighting it, but still into it?

    this is a very far drawn scnenario, but it might have been that way.... and as a result they´re presenting us the "facts & figures" showing a clear black-white "guilty-not guilty" picture and everybody is into this shit like crazy, because it´s so easy and releaving for them, taking away any responsibility off their shouldersm th eshoulders of the never complaining, hard working -good-guy, average people.

    buit if it was true you could see it as a cruelty done to one person, that was driven into conducting a crime that was obvious that he would commit, as every normal person woudl do som and then just waiting for him and shooting him in self-defense, or in order to avoid serious harm to public, by an officer in duty.
  20. QGdoxl
    hehe this is a quote from that first article I am assuming that it was cut and pasted not retyped so again I am assuming this was in print. Can someone explain this in a bit more detail?

    "Howard then shot Case multiple times, with at least one of the rounds striking Case."

    shot multiple times and only striking him once??
    Isn't there editors for this stuff?
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