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  1. Euphoric
    Tue Jul 15, 10:51 AM

    SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian man convicted of his seventh drink-driving charge was spending about A$1,000 ($972) a week on beer -- enough to buy more than 2,500 small bottles a month, a newspaper said Tuesday.

    The heartbroken construction worker began drowning his sorrows after breaking up with his partner five years ago, the Northern Territory News said, quoting his defense lawyer as telling a court in Australia's remote, tropical north.

    The magistrate declined to jail the father of four, Michael Leary, noting he had quit drinking since his latest arrest, but he banned Leary from buying or even holding a beer for 12 months.

    The magistrate also poked fun at Leary's favorite beer, Melbourne Bitter, in a part of the country where drinkers can be as loyal to beer brands as they are to football teams.

    "(That is) poor judgment on two counts there -- drinking that much and drinking Melbourne Bitter," magistrate Vince Luppino was quoted as saying.



  1. Orchid_Suspiria
    Well someone really likes beer.The thing that irritates me is if someone spent this much a week on cannabis or heroin people would be mortified but if it's beer it is abit of a joke.More of societies insane hypocricy when it comes mindaltering substances.
  2. sknkv2
    Outrageous. Seventh charge? This person is a danger to society and doesn't deserve to be on the streets. If it were any other drug he wouldn't be on the streets today.

    Oh, and Melbourne Bitter does suck.
  3. Orchid_Suspiria
    Most beer does suck,alcohol for the most part sucks.No wonder it is the only drug the piggies for the most part approve of.
  4. sjmar86
    Alcohol can help at times............better then opiates would even at times because it can get you to where you need to be at times......maybe noone will understand
  5. Spare Chaynge
    hahaha Swim loves the beer comment. But yes this person does not deserve jail he should be forced to go to some kind of intensive outpatient program or face jail time.
  6. Rhin

    If he keeps drinking that much he won't be on the streets any longer.
  7. Orchid_Suspiria
    If where you need to be is with your car wrapped around a tree or in some alley with a blackeye and vomit all over your shirt.
  8. sjmar86
    im not talking about over indulgence here
  9. Lobsang
    I am sorry but I just cannot believe that someone could consume that much beer. I mean the article does not say he was buying 2500 bottles per month. But it does say he was spending 1000 per week. That is over 130 per day. So if this is true the only way I can see it is if he was drinking in a bar all day and maybe buying other drinks. But as far as buying beer and drinking at home. It just does not figure. But I dunno.

    And also it said he could not have beer for a year. But it did not seem to say if he was banned from driving.
  10. Dexyfiend
    That cracked me up :laugh:

    Melbourne bitter is terrible... Honestly there are 100's of better beers
  11. ShawnD
    One would basically need to live in the bathroom in order to do this.
  12. HomerK
    That is insane. I can't imagine drinking that much a week. How is his liver still functioning?
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