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Man tried to send £15,000 in the post. To... Holland.

  1. mrsolearyscow
    A 'dopey' man tried to send £15,000 worth of cannabis in the post.

    Staff at UPS Postal Depot in Cosgrove Way, Luton, became suspicious of the parcel after the man had left as it had a strong smell of the drug.

    They called police and opening the package discovered more than three kilograms of herbal cannabis with a street value in excess of £15,000.

    The man attempted to send the drug to Holland on September 29.

    Detective Constable Thomas Hamm said: A substantial amount of cannabis has been intercepted and it is important that we speak to the man captured on CCTV to establish where this has come from.

    Source: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/News/Man-tried-to-send-cannabis-in-the-post-01112011.htm


  1. MadOne
    Why on earth would you post ganja to holland from uk ???? only reason i can think of is weed grown in the uk is better tasteing if not stronger than in the netherlands, it cud be down to their awful tap water . we grew barneys farm vanilla kush cut in january dried well but not cured properly and drove from west midlands uk to amsterdam via dunkirk france , antwerpen , rotterdam we stopped of in den haag to get some weed keep us going as we was down to last gram of vanilla kush and went to coffeeshop demo where they used to sell sum not on the menu under the counter badd ass dank called R.I.P bak in 2000-2003 thus supprise supprise we cudnt get none but the vanilla kush we grew we showed to the coffeeshop bud tender and he seemed well shocked that we had much better uk weed on us than what they was selling there. To me it seemed like it was slightly contaminated/gritted. The jukebox is best cafe in den haag skyhigh used to be gud too. UK HYDRO ROCKS WHEN DONE RIGHT
  2. chasbot
    The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is always held in Amsterdam during the week of Thanksgiving. The 24th Cannabis Cup will be held from November 20th-24th, 2011.
  3. Alfa
    Yes, that pot could have been intended for the High Times cup, if it were 30 grams, not 3 kilograms.
  4. Scrubbs
    Why are people such Nazis on this forum? Let people say what they want to say, jeez....

    The guy that sent this weed is pretty stupid. Weed is very stinky so if you are going to mail it or carry some around with you in a place with feds, you might want to vacuum seal the bag or take some per-cautions at least to save your ass.

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