Man uses gun for TV remote control

By Senor Gribson · Oct 2, 2009 · Updated Oct 5, 2009 · ·
  1. Senor Gribson
    Man uses gun for TV remote control

    A P.E.I. man who turned off his television permanently with his .45-calibre handgun has been placed on probation and ordered to undergo counselling.

    Todd Francis Jollimore, 43, of Summerside, pleaded guilty to careless use of a firearm.

    Judge Jeff Lantz of provincial court in Summerside heard a neighbour called police after he stopped by to check on Jollimore and discovered the shattered television. Jollimore told police he was watching TV when he decided to shut it off with a round from his handgun.

    Police returned the next day with a search warrant and found improperly stored ammunition, along with 12 marijuana plants. Jollimore is permitted to use marijuana for medical purposes.

    Jollimore also pleaded guilty to growing marijuana. His lawyer, Yolande Richard, said Jollimore was distraught over the death of his uncle earlier that day. Jollimore had found his uncle and been unable to revive him.

    Richard told CBC News Friday Jollimore felt like he needed to do something he had control over.

    Lantz placed Jollimore on probation for 18 months, fined him $1,000 on the drug charge and ordered him to surrender the handgun. He also has to undergo counselling.

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  2. EyesOfTheWorld
    Why is it illegal to shoot your own TV? Stupid, sure, but it's YOUR TV! Shoot the fucker if you want.:s
  3. EscapeDummy
    I know right? Your property in your home, if no one else was there he isn't endangering anyone lol.
  4. Rabid Jelly Bean
    Reminds me of Mr. Bean using a gun to shoot out his light before he goes to bed.

    Canada probably has stricter gun laws than the US which is why you can't go shooting your tv.
  5. Senor Gribson
    ^^ Yup, gun laws are very strict here in the great white north. If you discharge a firearm with no good reason to, that's a 'careless use' charge.
    What really annoys me is the marijuana charge. Not only was he charged for growing when he was permitted to smoke medicinally, but this idiot makes marijuana growers look crazy. More fuel for Harper's drug warriors.
  6. bcubed
    Charged for shooting out the TV?

    Elvis is rolling over in his grave...
  7. coolhandluke
    a year or two ago in swims town some guys were robbing a drug dealing. they discharged a firearm and the bullets went through the floor, into the apartment below, and killed a 5 or 6 year old girl.

    swim bets he was a vikings fan watching the game last week!! lol
  8. b3ni
    Didn't homer do this in an episode of the Simpsons? Ban the The Simpsons!!!!111
  9. shuutme
    KOOL DUDE!!! Shuuting his TV!!! Best thing we ever did was get rid of the TV!!!
    Some of my friends think and believe that there is no life beyond TV Land!!! SAD!!!

    On a different note, wish someone would make a tiny gun to shuut annoying flies!!

    Blessings from Shuutme:vibes:
  10. Syphr
    So he got in trouble for shooting his own property.....that is pretty ridiculous. People can go around shooting cans and things and call it "fire practice" so why not a TV?

    Is is also pretty messed up to give him a drug charge for growing his own medicine.
  11. shuutme
    VERY TRUE!!!

    Here in the UK we can be arrested for defending ourselves from burglars!!! UPSIDE DOWN LOGIC!!!

    My SWIM wants to be able to smoke whatever he pleases within the four walls of his home.

    christians BUTT out!!!
  12. Terrapinzflyer
    Sounds like Hunter S Thompson, (sorry- just couldn't resist)
  13. coolhandluke
    in swims area there are a lot of laws regarding where someone can shoot a gun, and which type of guns can be shot in what area. in deer hunting season, people in areas with roads and houses can only use a shot gun, because shotguns have a shorter range. people die from careless handling of guns. look at plaxico burress, the american football player, who was partying in a club with a loaded gun on the waist line of his sweat pants. he shot himself right in the leg with a .45 cal gun, hes lucky he didn't have hollow point bullets or he could have died. swim personally thinks that guns are way to easy to get, and think at the very least people should have to take a training course to own them. if this man would have taken the TV out to his land and done this it would have been legal he thinks. shooting a gun in a populated area is irresponsible, and not something anyone who respects the power of firearms would do. not to mention someone who respects the safety of those around them.
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