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Man who Assaulted B.C. Teen Claimed to be his Guardian Sentenced to Prison

  1. BitterSweet
    19885.jpg PENTICTON - A man who sexually abused a Penticton teenager and told the school district he was the boy's guardian has been sentenced to 37 months in prison and three years' probation.

    Fifty-six-year-old Rene Burke pleaded guilty last December to touching a young person for sexual purposes while the victim lived with him between August and September 2011.

    The Crown was seeking a four-year prison sentence for Burke, who met the boy when he was 16, supplied him and his pals with alcohol and drugs, invited the teen to live with him and convinced the youth to transfer to a school near his home.

    The boy's father sued the Okanagan-Skaha school district after it approved the school transfer without his knowledge.

    The father's complaint led to a police investigation that revealed Burke had outstanding warrants in Ontario for sexual offences involving young children, and Burke then pleaded guilty to two breaches of his parole conditions.

    He has already served nearly two years in custody and must spend the next 22 months behind bars.

    Author: Vancouver Sun, Canadian Press
    Date: July 19, 2013


    What a terrible system of law enforcement we have.

    Pedderfiles that drug and rape our kidz get 37 months jail.

    Where has morality gone in this wonderful society?

    The law is letting our community down and seems to hand out lenthy sentences for minor non-violent drug crimes compared to the drugging and rape of this young boy.

    At least the boyz inside will fix this scumbag up cause the law has let this young boy down.
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