Man who shot police officer gets 35 years

By fnord · Jul 18, 2008 · ·
  1. fnord
    Fnords straight edge homeboys gets "life" in jail:

    Please contact reporters who disgrace drug users/drug war solders and share your respectful thoughts:
    In private comments terrels only regret is useing so small of a callaber gun. while this sentence is far from a "life" sentence sadly terrell will end up committing suicide in the next month, any letters would be more then helpful and possibly prolong his life,if you are interested in helping support this inmate please pm me for his mailing address.

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  1. ShawnD
    Was he high at the time? This kind of grandiose behavior is very unusual unless the person is taking drugs or is bipolar/psychotic/schizophrenic.
  2. MrG
    Erm fnord mate, I think you're going to have to elucidate on why your man's situation is so unfair.

    Considering that the report claims that the cops tried to arrest him "diplomatically" a number of times, how can you defend his pulling a gun on them, shooting and, successfully, hitting one of them a number of times?

    I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying you've only given us one side of the story.
  3. fnord
    I never said what hapend was unfair, while most attempted murders in maine get a lesser sentence i do agree my friend should not be on the street,he is a danger to society.

    This man dose not use drugs,never has never will, besides the fact that he may have had at most 5 alcoholic beverages a year while "in da club", besides that he hates drug use and users (he has no problem making money off there affliction though)and suffers from no psychiatric problems besides the strong belief that cops have no right to impede on a citizens freedom. On another hand portland maine has a bad habit of unfairly prosecuting ethnic citizens involved in cocaine distribution.
  4. Micklemouse
    Got to agree with ya there MrG, there is very little in that story that stimulates any sympathy at all for anyone but the cop he shot, the girlfriend who he is committed for kidnapping, & the fellow inmate he stabbed. As for psychotic, perhaps, but more likely psychopathic/personality disordered (also treat with antipsychotic medications).

    The picture painted here is not of someone worthy of support, more of someone straddling the line between mad & bad, who is lucky not to have taken out completely by the police, & sorry to say this, but whose removal from society is no great loss.

    Micklemouse added 4 Minutes and 4 Seconds later...

    But it is ok for him to kidnap his girlfriend?

    Still no explanation of why we should be supporting him though F. Given the other factors involved the sentence seems pretty fair.
  5. fnord
    IMHO No sympathy should be given to police or federal agents (besides LEAP members) injured or killed in the line of duty, they are agents acting against a unjust war and understand the dangers involved in there actions.

    This is a "drug war" as claimed by the US government all people fighting (on both sides)in it must understand thatwether unjustifiable or not there lives are forfit at a moments notice.

    Im sorry if my view insinuated that his sentence was unfair,i personally knowing this man, feel he should be behind bars but theirs always:

  6. Micklemouse
    Sorry, but that is utter bollocks and you know it. If the story is to be believed, & there is no reason not to, all effort was made to deal with this in a non-violent manner by all parties except your "friend". He fired the first shot, not the police. If it were vice-verse, then maybe an inkling of sympathy might go out, but as I see the old adage stands - "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime".

    Unless a squaddie, being attacked in the line of duty should not be part of any job. I do not see this as a drug war issue. I don't see it as a race issue. I see it as a kidnapper, a non-drug taking drug dealer, a would-be murderer not having the guts to serve time for the crimes he has committed.

    The attitude that all cops are fair game when it comes to gun play is the same one that makes us all targets for the more extreme of the Boys & Girls in Blue, & makes us in turn fair game. It stinks.
  7. fnord
    We are already fair game,we can at any time be murdered without our killers facing more then a mock trial by there fellow officers or others on there side. if you are one who engages in selling/using drugs or living near drug users/dealers or one who is persecuting those that do you have already put yourself in the line of fire and should not expect any saftey what so ever. I can not go into details but his kidnapping charges were HEAVILY overstated and would of been beaten if teken to trial,terrel was not concerned with additional charges and only wishes to make it to prison where suicide would be much easyier thenin a county jail.

    Im not sure of where people are getting the idea that i expect sympathy for terrel,I do not expect or ask for sympathy for this felows actions,i only said that those who are concerned with trying to possibly save a young fellow from committing suicide to write to him. ~he is not expected to live out the next month.

    Please point out where i said he did not get what he deserves or stop insinuating that i feel he was unjustifiably persecuted.
  8. MrG
    Ok so how exactly would we word any missive sent to the email you gave?

    That the cops are part of an immoral drug war waged by "the man"?

    You cannot fight the system by behaving exactly how those in power are portraying you as already being, anarchic trouble-makers who contribute nothing to their society. You'd never get the man in the street on your side.

    You have to work the machine from inside.
  9. fnord
    This is derailing this thread if any of you wish to continue arguing i would be more then happy to, but please do it in my profile or via pm. i have explained my statements/beliefs and will no longer pointlessly argue in this thread.
  10. Micklemouse
    Fnord, you ask us to support this person as a casualty of the drug war. Myself & Mr G have asked you to justify this position. Personally I cannot see him as a casualty. A liability perhaps, & as such one that is better out of the way. I'm sorry, but I cannot feel solidarity with someone who has kidnapped, sold drugs that he does not himself take, attempted to murder on at least 2 occasions & shown no remorse whatsoever.

    If he has threatened to commit suicide so be it. He will undoubtedly be on suicide-watch & all precautions will I am sure be taken to ensure his safety, at a cost of possibly thousands of dollars. He obviously has little regard for human life or freedom. He has done nothing to further our cause on the War on Drugs - in fact his every action seems to have put our cause back.

    I do not see this as derailment - you ask for our support; we ask why.
  11. FuBai
    Agreed. Although this is a tenuous thread into which to stick my proverbial oar, I am on the side of Micklemouse et al. This is not about the drug war, this is about someone shooting a cop and kidnapping thier ex. How can this sort of behaviour be tollerated? Just because he's a cop? Just because he may have arrested someone before on drugs charges? What's the problem with him committing suicide? Is the right to do so not bang in line with his beliefs on freedom? Perhaps it is a cold thing to say, but his suicide can only bring benefits in the form of savings made on his prison expenses.

    The only possible way he could be said to be of the slightest asset to the succesful end of prohibition is to demonstrate the calous violence that it causes, and the sort of people who control the trade. As for solidarity - I express solidarity towards those who deserve it, I will not defend a murderer simply because he believes, like I do, that the war on drugs is stupid.

    You really want a war against the police? Is it really neccesary to explain the lunacy of that idea? If you lose it would be bad enough, but I don't want to even think about what would happen if you won...
  12. raven3davis
    Police officers and federal agents are people too. It's pretty damn harsh to say that no sympathy should be given to officers in the line of duty. It's really just another job. Granted, SWIM hates the war on drugs and strongly dislikes most police officers, many of them are good people who are just like us. Lots of them are probably just trying to put food on the table for their families.

    still though....fuck da police.
  13. fnord
    Ill repeat mysel,f again,i expect no sympathy for hs actions b ecause he deserves none. IMHOniether do the wounded officers but thats irrelevent here im not talking about them. what i am talking about is the loss of a human life,regardless of his past actions he is still a human being and while i feel it is his right to end his life i would be sad to see this fellow to commit suicide.
  14. stoneinfocus
    Take a bitch, make her call the police on anyone, make up a story, that leaves no sympathy, but for the government and their executives, intimidate any rebell(ion), activate the mob against "outlaws", ensue a nation-wide emotion-powered discussion, that eliminates all brains, move on, done.(I claimed for cynisms, that I -as a fag- are a sodomist, at least, and for passing a joint, like ten years ago, I were a childmolester, which is th truth about how a lot of idiots are thinking)

    i don't believe anything; if swim would do anything against the law, not that he cares anymore, or would kill anybody, who, by now, had well deserved it and worse, he were either/and a psychopath, childmolester and dope-pusher, affective violently acting, while he never was any of those.

    Might that header here be a true case or not, it doesn't matter, it's, relative to the world's and societies problems, irrelavant and wouldn't warrant a header in the media under normal circumstances.

    I don't belive anything, after they made swim seek help, by not giving him pain meds for 6 years, cut on these grounds his wellfare money, because they were accusing him a liar to his pains ,after sufferign 8 surgeries and multiple fractures and one failed surgery, on which grounds he was then forced to seek help by a judge and was diagnosed shizophrenic after the hearing and has now to answere things like, if he were able to wash himself, eat and drink and if he were suicidal, if he'd do any harm to others, erring on the safety side and the mental illness, same time, them, knowing, swim's the most convenient and most sympathetic job one could have, for he didn't get insurance money and the taxes are spent on buraucracy and their department.Swim thinks any of those would deserve whatever comes their way; the official doctor, who didn't look at ~3kilos of x-ray imiges and patient history and made his claim about him in 17 minutes after rudimental reflex tests and testing his eye-sight, telling swim, the only way to protest against his conclusion, was seeing a psychiatrist, which is true, btw.

    And so it goes, the "good/bad" guys get lost in the buraucracy or are being made mentally ill, for claiming that there was room for improvements, in the worst(best) case, the're made to commit suicide, which is, of course, a sign of mental illness.

    Of course, the only right of violence lies in the buraucracy and the executives, even if those imply laws, that make any change of society impossible and are themselves just humans and have risen hell among everything, that was worth living, meant security and freedom.

    Realting to the articve again, I think it's too easy to make any sane person, who had anything humanly and sane minds saved act out exactly like this guy did/does. If you bought a metal-organic chemistry book, fo 80$ from your wellfare money and it get's stolen by your girl-friend, you'll freak out, of course, even more, when she's indicatimng, that she really did and if that weren't the first incident, well, hitting here for gettign your property back was your constitutionla right, but when she's that rotten, that she calls the police on you, because she knows, you'd never hit or harm her and witnesses wrong, and she's believed, then you're in prison, ther might be the best chemistry books around, it's no fun reading in them, those books will just make you hate everything about anything even more.

    What's even more rotten and diabolic is, that we're living in a society in which the lie is the truth and yourt image is everything, so everybody will think, that your story might be tuned by you for your favour, though even the opposite migh be tzhe case. I made teh expereince, when I was refering to my achievements, and even erred on the lower sides of those achioevements, I was hates for everybody felt, that it was teh truth and everything was just great and on higher cultural grounds, and therefore and not nly therefore, the achievements were a lot better, thant even ther exaggerations of their own achievements, which are merely claiming their profits and social status and doing their routine and getting theirr bliss for that.(how arrogant, me, making these claims ;-)

    If I were a right-wing member and an alcoholic, beating up my wife evey other month, or would fuck some children now and then, I guess I would've gotten away with all of that, accompanied by some gentle and silent words of an officer, dropping by for a beer and I would have been backed by 4/5th of the local community not loosing a iota of the local image of i.e. being a hard-working good christian, a law-obeying man.You see, laws are made and enforced by the people around you (and Interpeted this way)... if you're not around your people and your people far away give a shit, then you're lost.
  15. Heretic.Ape.
    There is a definite difference between an act of revolution and a crazy bastard shooting people.
  16. ShawnD
    Funniest sentence on the whole forum :thumbsup:
  17. Heretic.Ape.
    I don't intend to be funny nor to draw out an issue that fnord would like set aside in this thread. I feel it is important to address this. We do have mentally unstable people viewing this forum and the last thing I want is to add to some delusional individuals sense of grandiosity, thinking that just because they are "in the drug war" that it warrants such heinous actions. If you want to fight in the drug war then get involved in politics and educate people around you. Don't go shooting the "enemy".
  18. fnord
    Yes i see your point,maybe im just a little bitter after all these years of seeing grandma arested or harrased or threatened by grand jurys,or friends beat because they wouldent tell the cops where the drugs they didint have were. or hangin around people that take politics maybe a bit too seriusly like my earth first! or other direct action friends(hi!) who go out comit felonys becuase they feel its the only way to make a real change.

    I see and understand your sad someone died and i morn for the wounded officer as much as i would a crack head shot in LA over a fifty piece or a old lady killed during a botched police raid,i just have my own views, some of which i probably shouldent express as often as i do in a public forum.

    But grandiosity is my favorite part of being delusinal!!
  19. Heretic.Ape.
    Don't stop expressing your views, just expect others to do so in turn ;)
  20. stoneinfocus
    Yeah, who doesn't want ot be at least a hero, singing out proudly while the lions are eating the flesh off your bones? ;-) And who wouldn't wanted to be this person, for not even being recognized in public as a hero, but scum and enemy number one?

    Who wouldn't wanted to be in the news for being named a shooting psychopath, with a criminal history?

    Where're the direct action people? I don't see them anymore....

    Whores are always the best witnessess! Yeah, sure and Undercover Narcs, nailing anybody to fix their statistics, and while being at it, why not nailing somebody, anyone of the upperclass wouldn't like to see interfering with their business and cash-in on that?

    What's going on? No media, no motives of the violence conducted against us and our society, just being refered to as plain "terrorism", no pictures and free press in war-zones, no corpse, no documentation no live reports, by freely moving journalists!

    With just a few undercover men, you could ruin a man's image so dramatically and then just send some arbitrary but undoubtfull signs that he's being under constant oberservation, so that more later than soon, he knows, that something is going on, when the mob had started messing with that man's live and police cars are following him,... everywhere he goes, he gets fiendish attacks, everywhere he shows-up he's being befriendet by anabolic meatloafs that actually don't like him and is isolated for years... maybe you found a cure for cancer, depressions, allergies, geriatric deseases and wealth for all, at cost of the lobbies and players and like that, you have to die?

    Shulgin workded for the DEA and phuckle was for sure thought to be in some way a warfare research, wether the Dr. knew or not.... anyway, he now knows, because obvioulsy anything that could be positive about his work, never made it farther than the experimetational stage, he was even hindred in his work, lost his licenses for doing his work, like so many others before him... not a routine work, but lossing something, you'd loose your live for doing this work, after one had gotten into it and being on the trail of important findings.

    While all this is happening, the people discuss melting ice, government-made wars and complain about missing money, mising health-care and education and are demonstrating for the rights of the animals and their furs, are discussing the new 30-years old doping issues in sports and drug-issues, the celebrities' children and the Nelson Mandela concert, failing to see, they're doing exactly what the media and their bosses want them doing and discussing.

    There are things def. going wrong, where there's no doubt about them why they're wrong and which could be most easily fixed.But for standing -up against them, we had to identify with what we were taught to call losers, missuccess and what's called mentally ill and/or criminal aka terrorism, eventually.

    after all, threatening one's existenz and incomes or carriere was enough to make one shut-up, already, and to desolidarize with the drop-outs, who eventually had a good reason to beget drop-outs and for that reason were forced to beget drop-outs, for that good reason they had wanted to participate in this system, at an even more intense level than others.
    Maybe you could have calculated formulas for justice in computer language and created programs for that purpose, instead of new codes and cracking those, maybe you had a plan for a better educational system, that didn't create drop-outs and underpriviledgeds, among some too busy freaks, with the IQ of half the earth and their own educational world built around them, so it looks like to those, they were doing it all for just the best reasons, at the same time are being forced to spending their whole free-time for projects, which, of course, are all cool and in which they get taught everything just tailored to their talents, and are befriendet with the cutest, best-looking man-, boy- and girl-whores around, maybe somthing, that actually feels like love or as if it were the nature of how it goes the best possible way, adn if they had earned it, so they don't have any doubts that were allowed to surface for any good reason concerning their lives.

    then they go on, thinking, this was how it goes for everybody and when anybody fails, there're the causes they were taught to be repsonsible, why the others failed, which are: drugs, mental illnesses and being straigt-out dumb, unsocializable, plain assholes, no team mates, liars... not that those could be seen as for having other reason for their situation which lies not in their personalities, talents and motivation, but in the eyes of the many officials they then have to deal with and who will bring them down to the levle of a buraucracy, which forces them to answere the dumbest questions over and over again, until they know, they're expected to be idiots and deprivated, they then'll have to fullfill the latter two attributes to survive, which, of course, they'll meet as good as they can; once they began descending to that levle, it's hard to draw a line at which point you were meeting expections and not demeaning yourself, being once at admitting to everything needed it just goes that way down the drain; the pride, the reasoning, the causes, the critics, because they don't want to be in the news, for being criminal or in jail or gun-toting psychopaths or committing suicide, while being already forced to be lying and forgetting about themsleves and how they'd gotten into this situation and its true causes.

    Because now everything and everybody looks so dumb, the highly occupied and from the system befriended roboter genius, among sadistic and highly manipulatuve slaves and psychopaths even hadn't to have its doubts about totally untalented and overpaid, sadistic, psychopahtic assholes, that are doing jobs at a levle of importance, where those and everybody would else be better-off, if those guys stayed at home and did nothing, but, hey.. just idiots on this world, exept me and anyone has to do the jobs, so don' panic, tehy've got their living.

    Now tell me, how much do they know about getting one through the system into his position and how much do they know, how not to, without raising an eye-brow of all these peoples partitioning in the same process?
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