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    Police Are Investigating the Incident Where Two or More Suspects
    Wounded a Southeast Portland Man

    A Southeast Portland man who was shot and wounded Monday morning by at
    least two men was apparently targeted for his medical marijuana,
    police said Wednesday.

    Sgt. Brian Schmautz, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau, said
    the 33-year-old victim, who lives in the 13000 block of Southeast
    Tessa Street, is one of more than 10,000 Oregonians enrolled in the
    Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Schmautz said the man had a legal
    marijuana growing operation at his home.

    The man was shot in the abdomen, Schmautz said. Police said the man
    asked them not to name the hospital where he's being treated.

    "He's talking with detectives, but doesn't want to release any details
    about his condition," Schmautz said.

    Police have no suspects in custody and aren't sure whether two or more
    men tried to enter the victim's house.

    "We do know it was more than one," he said.

    The shooting occurred just before 9:30 a.m. Witnesses told police they
    heard screaming and the pops of about three gunshots before someone
    yelled, "Why are you doing this?"

    Someone saw a young man in a black coat sprinting from the area, and
    police later found a black coat and a red coat in an alley off
    Division Street.

    Schmautz said the shooting occurred in the doorway of the victim's
    residence; the men never got inside, and nothing was taken.

    According to the Oregon Department of Human Services Web site, the No.
    1 reason patients gave for asking for medical marijuana was for pain,
    followed by persistent muscle spasms, and nausea. As of July, 10,196
    patients were enrolled in the program.

    Under Oregon law, those enrolled in the program can possess "three
    mature marijuana plants, four immature marijuana plants and one ounce
    of usable marijuana per each mature plant" in their homes.

    Anyone with any information on the shooting is asked to call Detective
    Cordes Towle of the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-0464.

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  1. nicholson_tyler
    that is exactely why marijuana should be legal for all, it will limit the ammount of drug related crimes and injuries.
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