Man With about Four Pounds of Heroin Arrested

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    Man With about Four Pounds of Heroin Arrested

    A man from Washington is charged with possession of about 1.8 kilograms of heroin. That is about four pounds.

    On September 8, Wichita police officer pulled over Eusebio Guerrero-Sanchez on Kellogg, near S 135th St. W. The officer noticed he had out of state plates, two cell phones and no luggage, so checked with the El Paso Intelligence Center, and found out Guerrero-Sanchez entered the U.S. from Mexico in California. A drug dog helped officers find the heroin hidden in the front fender of the car.

    The 34-year-old faces at least ten years in prison and a fine up to $4 million if he is convicted.

    by Nathan Navrat (WICHITA, Kan.)

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