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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Manipur tops opium seizure, Nagaland ganja

    Shillong, May 23: Manipur tops the States in the North East in seizure of opium and Nagaland in ganja, according to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) figure on state-wise seizures of various drugs in the region mainly ganja, opium and heroin made in the last three years from 2007 to March 2010.

    However there was no report of the three drugs - ganja, heroin and opium being seized in Sikkim.

    The NCB revealed that the anti-narcotics agencies had seized as many as 150.90 kg of opium in Manipur and huge seizure of 38,081.5 kg of ganja was made in Nagaland.

    Next to Nagaland in ganja seizure is Assam with 37,803.83 kg followed by Meghalaya with 30,891.71 kg and Manipur with 28,110.31 kg.

    Over 2002 kg of ganja was also seized in Arunachal Pradesh, 485.09 kg in Mizoram and 911.8 kg in Tripura.

    Except Manipur, seizure of opium in other States was minimal. Only 23.25 kg, 21.25 kg and 13.15 kg of opium were seized in Nagaland, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh respectively and 7.13 kg and 6.47 kg seized in Assam and Mizoram.

    Similarly, no major seizure of heroin was made by the anti-narcotics agencies in the North Eastern states except 11.70 kg seized in Assam and the least seizure of only 0.42 kg in Manipur.

    Heroin seized by the anti-narcotics enforcement in other states were 7.26 kg in Mizoram, 3.51 kg in Arunachal, 2.67 kg in Nagaland and 2.26 kg in Meghalaya.

    No seizure of opium and heroin was made in Tripura during the last three years.

    The anti-drugs law enforcement agencies have registered many cases and arrested several people following seizure of the three drugs in the region but the figure on state-wise number of convicts was unavailable.

    Though seizure of the three drugs was not major in Mizoram during the said period but as many as 540 cases were registered and 708 people arrested in the State.

    There were 335 cases registered and 523 people arrested in Assam, 274 cases and 384 arrested in Nagaland, 87 cases and 127 arrested in Manipur, 158 cases and 57 arrested in Meghalaya, 66 cases and 124 persons arrested in Arunachal Pradesh and 32 cases were registered in Tripura with only eight people arrested.

    The Imphal Free Press



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