Mans sues drug dog

By bman2 · Dec 15, 2005 · ·
  1. bman2
    Andi the Ohio Police Dog Named in Lawsuit

    ATHENS, Ohio - One of the defendants has more than a leg to stand on in a lawsuit filed by a convicted drug dealer. Andi has four legs. He's a dog used by the Athens County Sheriff's Department.
    County Prosecutor C. David Warren said to his knowledge, it's the first time the county's dog has ever been singled out as a defendant. Warren has volunteered to handle Andi's defense personally.
    Wayne Francis Green, 46, of Albany filed the civil suit Nov. 18 in Athens County Common Pleas Court, alleging that a search of his furniture business in 2003 was illegal. He say officers also went into an adjoining building that he owned without a warrant, but police deny it.
    The search turned up 50 pounds of marijuana, and last month Green was convicted of possession and trafficking in the drug. His sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 6.
    Green's lawsuit, which seeks $450,000 in damages, also was filed against police investigators, Athens County Sheriff Vern Castle and the trial judge who ruled that the marijuana was admissible as evidence because it came from the furniture business, not the other building.
    Last Thursday, Andi the German shepherd was informed that he's being sued, sort of. With a paw print, the dog "signed" the paper indicating he had been formally served with the complaint.
    A message seeking comment was left Monday for Green, who is representing himself in the lawsuit.

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  1. Sitbcknchill
    How are you going to sue a dog anyway...what a retard
  2. bman2
    It is kind of funny though. The dog had to actually put his paw print as a singature so they are kind of taking it seriously
    but the guy is representing himself. how smart can he be
  3. pjbth
    Everyone wants their 15min of fame, this seems like as good a way as any.
  4. bman2
    Yeah it always nice to see US's tax monoey going for useful things such as represetning a dogs day in court
  5. Silence_Inc
    haha! .. man, what a comic show ... yeah, if they didn't do that - the whole system would loose it's credibility! ... bha! ... . what a puppetkingdom ...

    that's the problem - they always take it SERIOUS ...
  6. Solidly-here
    If Wayne wins his lawsuit against the County Employee (the dog), the County will pay any judgment.

    I think it is a good idea to sue the dog. I do not like the idea of pot-smelling dogs being used by the police. It's hard enough to find a good hiding place, but with a dog, that hiding place better be somewhere else (than where he's sniffing).

    In fact, the case might go well. The dog will be called to testify in his defense, but he will refuse to talk. Maybe the Judge can hold him in contempt of court.

    I would PAY to see that case: "Your Honor, that dog has ruined my business." Wayne moves to have the dog's nose tested, to make sure that it doesn't respond to Dog Yummies. Some other police dogs are called as character witnesses. ... a Real Dog-and-Pony show.
  7. DrugPhreak
  8. carousel
    its called a last resort.

    and it may work. the jokes not on him.
  9. fnord
    where PO on this one?im sure he has some rhetoric to spurt.
  10. Twiglet
    He must be barking mad!
  11. Nagognog2
    This is an old thread. I seem to recall a similar one popping up some time ago. But his answer would likely be that no judge would let it in his court. Perhaps we could bio-engineer some 12 foot fleas. A cop threatened to haul a dog through my house once - I have long hair which is reason enough in that town. I told him if his dog so much as looked at my cats - I'd shoot him. He knew I wasn't kidding. No dog ever showed up.

    Dog would have found absolutely nothing.
  12. Felonious Skunk
    If Andi loses this civil case he will have a judgement against him. Think the marshal will seize $450k worth of chew toys and milk bones, or is Andi gonna have to put his bitch out to work the streets to get up the dough to pay it off?
  13. Triple7
    Since USA IS DISNEY LAND.. the dog has rights to remain silent. I'm 100% sure, the American bastards didn't bring the dog a translator.
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