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By Motorhead · Oct 3, 2009 · ·
  1. Motorhead
    So Marc turned himself in last monday, four years after his arrest in Halifax. It's still kind of hard to believe this is happening considering the facts of the case, most importantly that he has never set foot on American soil. Anyways, we all know the case by now and that his situation would probably be alot different if Canada did not have a Stephen Harper led Conservative government at the moment.

    Dispite the fact it appears the governments position is set and that our Justice Minister, Robert Nicholson, will not refuse Marc's surrender, Emery and his supporters have been urging people to voice there disaproval and write letters to various politico's, most importantly the justice minister himself. I, like many, was thinking to myself why bother, the old coot probably doesn't read letters from joe public anyways.

    So all this week I've been reading the news and watching the videos of Marc turning himself in. I have to say Jodies interviews really struck a chord, this has been really hard on her, she's fucking devistated.

    Then yesterday I'm browsing the CBC and I come across this story about a guy from New Brunswick, Dwight Hickey, who was due to be extradited to the US for selling a Polar Bear skin rug when he was living down in Geargia. Stupid, I know, but apparently you have to have proper import and sales permits for such items.

    Anywho, our wonderful justice minister refused the extradition on thursday. In a three page letter to Mr. Hickeys legal aid attorny the justice minister outlined his reasons for his decision.

    Wow. So this guy actually reads his mail. Or at least is giving the pretense that he does. So I said to myself, fuck it I'm gonna write a letter to this guy. So I spent a good part of my day yesterday writing Mr. Nicholson, my own MP, and also Jack Layton the leader of the NDP. The NDP is Canada's 'lefty' party who have in the past been the most receptive to legalizing marijuana and also to Marc Emery and his efforts. However, they have been rather quiet recently about Marc's situation.

    The letters were short and to the point, basically outlining the fact that Marc has never been to the US and that his prosecution is politically motivated, grounds to have the extradition nullified. Will my letters make a difference? I don't know. Depends on how many others write letters I guess. It made me feal a little better anyways just to write them.

    So if anyone has some free time check out this thread:How to free Marc Emery Read it over and write a letter to one or all of the people listed there. Let's hope for the best for Marc and Jodie.

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  1. Potter
    Congrats man on having the 420th blog post! There's a milestone we can all celebrate!

    Oh, except for Mark Emery...poor guy...
  2. Motorhead
    lol took me a minute for the significance of that number to sink in. And what a fitting topic.
  3. Motorhead
    If you write Jack Layton the NDP leader this is the response you will get. I got mine the other day.

    This is the attached letter from Libby Davis:

    That came in the mail. The response from my local MP came via email:

    Still nothing from the Justice Minister, surprise surprise. The NDP and the Liberals are putting on a good front, but I haven't heard or seen them bring this up during Question Period in the House since Parlaiment has resumed.
  4. welshmick
    So what - SWIM likes weed - go forth and multiply
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