Marijuana, an anti-depressant?

By darawk · Apr 29, 2007 · ·
  1. darawk

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  1. augentier
    Hmm...Cannabis helped SWIM gain confidence in herself in a lot of ways at first, but after chronic use it has made her realize how else she needs to change herself, thus making her more depressed. Tough call these days
  2. The Doors
    Marijuana helped SWIM go through his depression and actually made him realize things on many levels, therefore being able to get out of that depressive state of mind!
  3. enquirewithin
    Marijuana/ cannabis helps people relax and transcend their daily troubles for a while. For most people, it can be an anti-depressant, as this extract states.

    Heavy use could well result in users being unable to motivate themselves to get things done, which might increase depression for some.

    This is significant. In other words, it is not the marijuana which is causing depression but other factors.
  4. BetteNoir
    Swim is totally into pre-ventative medicine and swim heard and has read that many use Mary J after work and on weekend to relax from work and the daily grind ,which helps stave off depression .Swim also noticed and read that if other swimmers go to Doc ,Doc quickly takes Rxing Anti Ds as route to cure ,Swim thinks this is not a good approach ,If someone goes to Doc and say "I don't feel very energetic or I'm sad for more that 3 day s in a row ,this is not a automatic need for Anti depressants ,other methods non drug should be looked at first .,Swim find overrxing Anti D is world wide with North America in the Fore front .
    Many people of all walks of life use Mary J as a way to relax and have for many years ,swim does not but sees no problem at all ,swim see less problems with swimmers that use Mary J as prevention then Alcohol
    Anyone else see it as preventative ?
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