Marijuana Arrests Increased to 872,000 in 2007

By drug-bot · Sep 20, 2008 · Updated Sep 25, 2008 · ·
  1. drug-bot
    marijuana arrests increased slightly more than 5%, thank god for the land of the free (cough, bullshit,cough)

    just thought swim would share this b.s with my fellow df'ers, enjoy, then cringe.

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  1. elpatto
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    Ah man thats alot of poor souls. I wonder how many of those are kids smokin a joint at the park, SWIM starts to see the possibly consequences of his much reduced drug use. Almost be better off blowing up lines, chompin pills like pacman and what ever else, statistically SWIM would be better off.

    I heard a case of some guy about 19 years old pinned for dealing after giving the last of his bud away ( very small amount mind you, like a 8th or somethig, less then 5g) as he quit.

    Peace out.
  2. enquirewithin
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    So many arrests? The war on drugs must be being won! Thank God! (God never tokes, despite the fact that he gave Moses tablets.)

    Just like the war on (of) terror, if you find you are losing, just target the innocent.
  3. Alfa
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    Other nations should take example of the US it's drug policy, by carefully examining how successful it's zero tolerance policy is. How successful it is to forbid the use and sales of cannabis and locking up anyone who comes near it. The US is a very clear example that prohibition does not work to reduce demand. According to the UN; 33% of the worlds cannabis is produced in North America and by far most of that is produced in the USA. Cannabis use has been stable for a long time in the USA. Locking up people simply does not reduce demand.

    Cannabis use is a life style choice and making a personal life style choice illegal, may very well increase demand. Statistics indicate that this is likely. Cannabis use is lower, in countries where there is less social stigma to the use of cannabis.
  4. Panthers007
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    Might backfire, Alfa. They might also see (and focus on) how lucrative it is for local officials to share in the proceeds of seizing people's homes and other properties as a result of the arrest (conviction doesn't matter). They make a fortune creating homeless families - which they excuse by blaming drugs.

    Oh by the way: The current chatter in the right-wing circles is that Europe is filled with communists and we should never listen to anything you have to say. Commies! It's back - and this time it's YOU!
  5. cra$h
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    It's too late to just cut the chain loose on weed. America would go nuts, and everyone would be stoned. As much as swim would love the drug just suddenly legalized, it should be a gradual increase of acceptance, and gradual laxing of the laws. State by state would seem a decent option.
  6. enquirewithin
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    Gradual change is usually the best way, but I seriously doubt that everyone really would go nuts smoking if it was legalized. That's already happened! Look at the stats-- 33%, the world's highest percentage of smokers.
  7. cra$h
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    yea, but if it becomes legalized, it'll atleast double. A lot of people don't smoke but drink, since drinking is legal, and smoking is not. Plus weed makes people seem more like a criminal, to the ignorant. If it's decriminalized, it'll be the same as if they dropped the drinking age, exept prices would skyrocket since now phillip morris is your new drug dealer.
  8. enquirewithin
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    Why? Perhaps most people who want to smoke already do? Anyway, decriminalization would not mean that tobacco companies would be able to sell weed.
  9. Heretic.Ape.
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    I find it fairly doubtful that there would be that great an increase in cannabis consumption if it were suddenly decriminalized. Most people who don't do it do so for their own reasons rather than fear of Johnny Law. There would likely be a fairly large spike of people trying it and then the smoke would quickly clear, as it were.
    Then again, I think this country could use a pot explosion, maybe knock a little sense and composure into people.
  10. cra$h
    Re: Marijuana Arrests Increase to 872,000

    yea, that's what i'm saying. the world will all light up, then you'll probably get 50% saying nah, it's not my thing, then the other 25% will say damn, this is cool shit! and the other 25% saying this could be fun once in a while. But increase in consumption would rise either way, and overall go up a couple percent in the long run, but that's just the way it is. Not everyone's irresponsible.
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