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  1. chemlove
    SANTA CLARITA, Calif. -- An indoor marijuana growing operation was discovered Tuesday in a home in the Tesoro area of the Santa Clarita Valley, authorities said.

    A search warrant was served Tuesday morning at a home in the 29300 block of Via Estancia, where detectives found more than 1,000 marijuana plants and a bypassed electrical meter, according to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station.The homeowner was not at the residence when the warrant was served. Police said he was later arrested.
    Authorities said the seized drugs had a street value of about $5 million, KNBC's Doug Kriegel reported.Darren Harris of the LA County Sheriff's Department said that drugs in suburban areas can bring dangers into the neighborhood."When you have a growth like this, in a neighborhood like this, you have other people coming into the area, potentially dealing in narcotics and taking this stuff away from here. Some of those people are very dangerous. We want to keep them away from our kids," Harris said.In the last six months in California, more than 50 suburban home plantations have been found flourishing, Kriegel reported."It's weird. It's weird, because you move all the way out here because you think it's just kind of removed from everything, and the bottom line is that you're really never removed from it. It's everywhere no matter where you go," said neighbor Tony McCuin.




  1. truth
    swim fucking hate every cop and fed in california period. and the world.
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