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  1. 5-HT2A
    The family of a man who committed suicide this week on a ski trip in Colorado is blaming marijuana edibles for his death.

    Oklahoma native Luke Goodman, 23, took his own life on Saturday in the Colorado resort town of Keystone while on vacation with family members. According to his cousin, Goodman legally bought cannabis-infused edibles from a Colorado weed shop and consumed five times the recommended dosage before he shot himself over the weekend.

    The cousin, Caleb Fowler, told a local CBS News affiliate that he and Goodman took a bus to Silverthorne, CO on Saturday afternoon and purchased $78 worth of edibles and marijuana, including peach-flavored candies containing 10 mg apiece of THC, the high-inducing compound found in weed.

    “He was excited to do them,” Fowler told CBS4.

    According to the cousin, Goodman consumed two pieces, then two more. After a fifth candy he started acting “jittery,” the network reported, and then became “pretty weird and relatively incoherent,” according to Fowler, “almost like something else was speaking through him.”

    That evening, Goodman declined to leave the condo with the rest of his family and then took his own life with a handgun he reportedly kept for protection.

    “It was completely a reaction to the drugs,” his mother, Kim Goodman, told CBS4.

    Goodman’s death is the third to be informally linked to pot since the state became the first in the country to legalize recreational weed in 2014.

    Regan Wood, coroner for Summit County, CO, told the network that the preliminary cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but said it remained under investigation as of Wednesday. On the heels of two similar incidents in the last several months, however, state officials are considering whether edibles should be required to be “clearly identifiable, when practicable, with a standard symbol.” How to accomplish as much, however, is still up for debate. On Wednesday, a State Senate committee unanimously agreed that edibles must not look like regular food when they rejected a bill to loosen requirements during a 5-0 vote.

    "As an industry, there's no clear, realistic way to mark every product," said Bob Eschino, a founding partner of Incredibles, an edibles producer, told the Denver Post.

    Last year, a Wyoming man jumped to his death from a hotel balcony in Denver, CO after eating a marijuana cookie. In that instance, the coroner admitted that “marijuana intoxication” was a factor. A Denver man, meanwhile, still faces first-degree murder charges related to an incident last year in which he fatally shot his wife after eating marijuana candy.

    March 26, 2015



  1. TripStick
    I can see having a panic attack and feeling disassociated from consuming too high of an amount of THC in edibles but I highly doubt that the pot is the only factor in these murders/suicides. Even if you are inexperienced and are not prepared for the effects, edibles are not going to make you pick up a gun and randomly harm yourself or someone near you unless you already have some sort of pre-existing disorder. Either these were disoriented accidents or there were some other serious underlying issues at play here.
  2. Joe-(5-HTP)
    It could have been a panic attack which caused severe anxiety. People react to anxiety in different ways and suicide is unfortunately one of them, albiet rare. Especially if he didn't know what was happening to him and interpreted it as perhaps a mental illness or just a hell he wanted to escape from and saw only one option in his intoxicated and irrational state.

    Alternatively it could have triggered a latent mental condition.

    In the first case, the problem is people's lack of education about the harms of cannabis. In the second case, it's not the drug's fault. So overall it's not right to blame the drug. I understand the mother's confusion though, as they clearly don't understand the potential dangers of cannabis. Plus her son just died so that's a negative situation prone to misinterpretation.

    This sort of thing will continue to happen. Will it matter much for the legalisation movement...? Hard to say. My instinct is no. After all, this sort of thing has always happened with cannabis.
  3. idfma
    Interestingly, people get really drunk and shoot themselves too, yet I don't see a lot of that in the news as an example of why alcohol might be dangerous. People also get really drunk and kill themselves or other people in car accidents. In those cases, the alcohol is not blamed for the end result--instead the individual is blamed for making the choice to drink too much and hurt other people/oneself.

    I know this argument is beaten into the ground -- it's a dead horse.

    However, it's baffling why, once cannabis is involved, the component of choice gets removed. It's no longer that he took 10x the recommended dosage (exactly like 10x over the 'legal limit' in a DUI), and that was really ill-advised, possibly resulting in more ill-advised behavior/harm, nope, it's always, 'cannabis must be at fault here, not his choice to take a ridiculous amount, and then make an even worse choice.'

    I understand people can't help themselves, but he chose to take too much, and he chose to kill himself -- both really bad and unfortunate choices, but unless someone talked to him, and he clearly said he was going to kill himself because he was too high, it is pure speculation that the cannabis caused him in any way to kill himself.

    This really isn't just about cannabis, either. It's about this constant conversation in the media that, once someone makes a bad choice, we should all be treated like we're back in first grade, and the government and other people who know best for all of us have to take it away to protect us from ourselves.

    I feel bad for this man and his family, but, if they are going to be honest with themselves, it wasn't the edibles that ultimately caused this -- it starts with the irresponsible decision to take 10x the recommended dose before he had any idea what he was getting into.

    People can drink Drano or antifreeze, and fuck themselves up too. Should we start a public debate about whether hardware and auto parts stores should carry those? Maybe we shouldn't let people into the mountains who have no experience, since search and rescue has to go get them (or their remains) out all the time too. Where does this shit stop?
  4. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Great point there idfma.. it points to the prejudice many people have in their minds that creates this arbitrary distinction between Alcohol and 'bad' drugs like cannabis.
  5. 5-HT2A
    I don't think one or two suicides is going to doom the reputation of Cannabis. It has too many recognized benefits and public support for the momentum to really be slowed. And remember this is still not a death from the direct toxicity, but rather it may be a suicide triggered by a severe emotional reaction. The lack of toxicity is not in question here.
  6. Alfa
    As the effects of marijuana edibles can take quite some time, can also cause the munchies and marijuana edibles can be very high potency, it's a tricky combination of circumstances which can lead to extreme situations. In the Netherlands not many coffeeshops sell potent cannabis edibles. Likely because of the higher risk on incidents.
  7. TheCampingStoner
    This is why you should have the recomended dose, then wait an hour or so before eating another. I have heard of this happening once before. Definitely not smart to take 5 time of the recomended dosage of a medical grade cannabis-infused edible.
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