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  1. Alfa

    ATLANTA - Marijuana-flavored lollipops with names such as Purple Haze, Acapulco Gold and Rasta are showing up on the shelves of convenient stores around the country, angering anti-drug advocates.

    "It's nothing but dope candy, and that's nothing we need to be training our kids to do," said Georgia State Sen. Vincent Fort, who has persuaded some stores to stop selling the treats.

    The confections are legal, because they are made with hemp oil, a common ingredient in health food, beauty supplies and other house hold products. The oil imparts marijuana's grassy taste but not the high.

    Merchants call them a harmless novelty for adults and insist they advise stores to sell only to people 18 and older.

    "There are more than 70 million people in the United States who smoke marijuana. We're catering to the audience of people who are in that smoking culture," said Rick Watkins, marketing director for Corona, Calif.-based Chronic Candy, which uses the slogan "Every lick is like taking a hit."

    New York City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez introduced a resolution condemning the candies when she saw them at convenience stores near schools in her district. She plans to hold hearings this summer.

    At Junkman's Daughter, an Atlanta novelty shop, the suckers are sold near the cash register from a bucket labeled with a marijuana leaf.

    "We've got probably every weird kind of candy there is in here," owner Pam Majors said. "If it was anything you could get high off of, we wouldn't carry it, obviously.

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    did anyone try those? the ones i had didn't taste all that good [​IMG]
  2. phenethylamine
    I got a hold of chronic candy at DEMF. They have a booth there. It is pretty good, tastes like nugs. I have only ever had one other kind, and I dont know what it was called, but it wasn't as good as chronic candy. Chronic candy has hoodies and shit too, which is cool.
  3. sands of time
    What the fuck is wrong with this country? It seems every politician has turned into a raving, whinning pussy! Ok, we get it, most of them don't like marijuana. There is nothing illegal about hemp oil though, so what the fuck are they crying about???

    Another thing... Poppy seeds are used in cooking all the time. No one seems to care that poppies are used to make heroin. Poppy seeds also have small amounts of codeine and morphine in them!!! So what is the problem with hemp and hemp seeds being used to make cloths, food, and just about anything else you can think of? I guess this country has something against logical thinking. I know it looks good to have a hard on drugs attitude in politics, but somebody has to stop these douche bags, or at least punch them in the face and tell them to stop whinning.
  4. Alfa
    You can easely make tea from poppy seeds and have a great time.
  5. sands of time
    Yea Alf, thats whats so stupid about this country, we have our priorities ass backwards. I know many people who have done the poppy seed extraction, and some have even gotten ADDICTED to it! Yet hemp seeds have absolutely no THC, not even trace amounts. Of course the people who make these stupid laws are completely oblivious to this fact, or they just completely ignore logic.
  6. Alfa
    I think it's both. The drug war propaganda rapes truth in every way; I have seen US documentaries mixing up so many facts, one would start thinking you can sniff hashish. These documentaries is where a lot of people are getting their facts from. Another thing is votesmotivate politicians and since the general opinion on drugs is uneducated and the "tough on dangerous drugs" or "drug and kids" issues win votes it is convienent to ignore logic. But this happens in many countries. Especially those under the influence of the US.
  7. Woodman

    On this issue we are, for all practical consideration,
    of one mind.

    You once said that America claims to be the "Land of
    the Free", yet we are not truly free, and you're right!

    Our constitution guarantees us an unalienable right
    to "Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness," but try
    smoking a joint and let a cop see you. or get caught
    drinking a beer at a public park and see what

    THERE'S your "unalienable" right to happiness in

    And with recent Supreme Court ruling against
    individual property rights and in favor of big
    business, the contingent in charge of leadership of
    this once great nation have proven themselves to be
    little more than modern nazis!

    When the most basic welfare for individuals
    assumes a diminished status to that of corporate
    interests, it becomes extremely difficult (if
    notimpossible) for me, or any TRUE American to find
    moral or rational justification to support the interests
    of government.Edited by: Woodman
  8. uqlfy
    Ok Im gonna be the one to offer a dissenting opinion here.

    Was it okay to make cigarettes appealing to children? Really think about it.

    Is it okay to make mind altering substances look like as innocent as candy when they are not? Again think about itfor a minute.

    How about a nice yummy crack pop? Want your kids sucking on apop that makes your lips numb and gives you a energy boost? Think about it.

    I remember reading about percosett pops being popular with high school kids. Not cool in my book. The root of the problem is thelaws and educationregarding pot. But making pot-pops is not serving the cause of responsible use eithier. If any thing it only serves to further the BS about drug dealers turning our kids into addicts. Shame on the makers of those candys. Shame on them for feeding the beast that is the goverments spin machine.Edited by: uqlfy
  9. sands of time
    "Merchants call them a harmless novelty for adults and insist they advise stores to sell only to people 18 and older."

    I believe that if stores are selling them to people 18 and older, there can be no problem with this product. Growing up though, I remember those little gum cigarettes, you know, the ones you blew on and bubble gum dust blew out looking like smoke. Those were always a favorite item at the stores, or even those hard candy cigarette things. I liked them because I could by 4 boxes for a dollar and they tasted good. I don't know if that contributed in any way to my days of smoking cigarettes, but I have no opposition to these items.

    Having said that, I think it would be a mistake to sell these "marijuana pops" to kids. Although there are no mind altring substances in these pops, we should never encourage youth to experiment with drugs of any kind. I think alot of it has to do with how these things are marketed. You don't sell poppy muffins with some drug slang incorperated in the title, you just call them poppy muffins. Why can't the same be done with hemp or hemp seeds?
  10. RoboCop
    Lol they should name them with a nice kiddie name like Hempy Pops, with a name like Hempy pops how could anything go wrong? [​IMG]

    I can't believe people are trying to make this a problem.
  11. Sick Jack
    All this comes from the fact that Marijuana has become a Myth in the United States, particularly the dangers of marijuana.

    The fact is that no arguments are useful when you use the word "marijuana", because immediately do people think about death, addiction and depravity, even if pot did never kill directly no one.

    Marijuana toke the place of Communism in the contemporary American psyche....
  12. sands of time
    Marijuana really isn't seen as a dangerous substance by the majority of the American public. The government has made the attempt to make people afraid of it, but for the most part, failed. If anything, marijuana is becoming less of a concern every decade. Campare the mindset of today to that of the 20's with regaurds to marijuana. Reefer Madness is a cult classic because of the grossly overstated risks of marijuana use shown in the film. I think terrorism has replaced communism as far as things that threaten the United States.
  13. Sick Jack
    @sands of time

    are you just confirming that the good US people is just wacko and irrational ? [​IMG]

    I hope that your fellow compatriotes will soon discover the great pleasures of thinking by themselves... Aren't at least a third part of the 3 millions people in jail in the US convicted for marijuana purposes ?

    So on one side, people admit the harmless aspect of ganja and on the other the spend taxes and lifes to fight a pseudo-danger ?

    Do people know the real origines of weed prohibition ? Its racist inspirations and so on ???

    I don't hate american people because they just following they're liars/leaders, but you're country needs of fucking chock dude.....
  14. sands of time
    It's not that American's wouldn't care about these issues, it's that Americans are stuck in a lifestyle that won't allow them to follow these issues. American life is all about working, going to school, paying taxes and bills up the ass, ect. Most Americans don't have time to worry about a thing like marijuana when they are in debt up the ass and trying to repay. This country is driven by the allmighty dollar.
  15. Alfa

    Pena Says His Concern For Kids Led To Bill Targeting Lollipops With A Marijuana Flavor

    FORT WORTH - The sale of marijuana-flavored lollipops has a state legislator concerned that children will become comfortable with the drug culture.

    Rep. Aaron Pena, D-Edinburg, has proposed a bill that would control the sale of confections that simulate the taste of marijuana, which are sold under the names Chronic Candy, Pot Suckers and others.

    The candy gets marijuana's grassy flavor from oils derived from plants that also yield the drug, but the confections don't include the chemical that creates a high.

    "It introduces the idea of marijuana use and gives tacit approval to the introduction of a product that we spend billions of dollars to fight against," said Pena.

    The bill would make selling or offering to sell a cannabis confection a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $4,000 fine.

    Pena's bill wasn't taken up during the special legislative session.

    But he said he introduced the measure to alert communities about the candies. Those communities can ban the lollipops even if the Legislature takes no action.

    Makers of the candies say they aren't marketing to children and accuse some politicians of trying to make a name for themselves by targeting their product.

    "It's stupid grandstanding by a legislator who thinks he can get some tough-on-crime votes," said Tom Durkin, an attorney for California-based Chronic Candy.

    Lawmakers elsewhere have tried to ban or control the sale of the lollipops.

    Chicago's City Council banned their sale, and an Atlanta suburb passed a resolution opposing them.
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