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By Alfa · Dec 12, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    A licensed medical marijuana user whose cannabis got lost in the mail this summer is again wondering what happened to his package.

    A licensed grower from Grand Forks, B.C,. has been sending Michel Aube three ounces of Health Canada-approved marijuana every month for the past year through Canada Post.

    The South Mountain resident went to the post office yesterday to pick up the package that costs him $300 a month, but found an empty envelope and a note inside from Canada Post saying "found damaged, torn or opened, and officially repaired."

    It's not the first time Mr. Aube has had problems getting his medicine.

    Last summer, he received a badly damaged package, but with the contents still intact. Another time he didn't received the package at all.

    A Canada Post spokesman said they have no problem shipping the marijuana as long as it is properly packaged, and doesn't look like marijuana. He said it's possible someone may have known Mr. Aube receives medical marijuana.

    Mr. Aube takes the marijuana to numb back pain after he fell from a cliff in 1989. Health Canada spokesman Paul Duchesne said missing medical marijuana has not been a big problem. There are about 800 licensed users in Canada.


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