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Marijuana hash-oil explosion: Injures 3 in San Diego, CA

  1. derpahderp

    A marijuana hash-oil explosion at a San Diego hotel injured three people Wednesday, leaving one with life-threatening burns, authorities said.

    The explosion, in a room at the Heritage Inn, near SeaWorld, occurred after butane used in the oil-extraction process was ignited by a cigarette lit by a man in the room, according to San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque. The blast blew through three of the hotel's walls, Mr. Luque said.

    Derived from the marijuana plant, hash oil is generally extracted for use as a more concentrated form of the drug.

    The two occupants of the room were taken to a nearby hospital, where one was treated for life-threatening burns and the other for "very serious" burns, Mr. Luque said. A man who had been occupying an adjacent room was also taken to the hospital with head injuries, authorities said.

    By: Erica Orden via Wallstreet Journal news


  1. hookedonhelping
    This foolish behavior is exactly what the opposition is going to use to shut down the legalization movement. If you are going to extract THC, don't do it while your intoxicated and don't do it in a hotel room!!

    The people responsible for this idiotic behavior should be ashamed of themselves.
  2. derpahderp
    Agreed, Honey oil extracting is an interesting method and that bit of news was quite disheartening given the nature of 'how to' was a negative stain. I'm unsure of extra details but will make a follow-up as information or details come to light.

    Anything involving such methods should be done with the know how versus The Want Now.
  3. kumar420
    Let this be a lesson... Don't light up with flammable/explosive solvent fumes permeating a room. Extraction should only be done by those with the know how, if you can't wait for your oil to dry then go get a bag.
  4. derpahderp
    Update: four rooms destroyed due to the explosion, smoke damage and collateral. Residents were week to week in the hotel were displaced of shelter all day and can only assume tonight as well. I'm not in full agreement in the news calling it a "lab" and the amounts of how much was being produced has not been reported.

  5. DarkWhysper
    Wow, just watched the process for the first time last night. It seemed pretty obvious why I was told not to smoke once he was about to start but damn :O I have to say it was a beautiful thing to see though, made it from Trainwreck.
  6. RoboCodeine7610
    And prevent the advancement of the species through natural selection?I think Darwin would disagree.

    Think about it this way:There will always be idiots, but every time something like this happens, arithmetically speaking, humanity becomes smarter as a whole.Things like "The coffee you're about to drink is extremely hot" on McDonald's coffee cups only hinder that advancement while giving other idiots excuses as to why somebody else is liable for their low IQ.

  7. derpahderp
    It is inexcusable, and I find humor plus a bit of wit with what you're getting at Robo. Update: the person(s) mentioned in the news post made it through their ordeal. Unknown on the charges they will face, not to mention if a lawsuit for damages. I'd hope people would err with a bit of caution for future references.

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