Marijuana Is Addictive

By Sitbcknchill · Dec 24, 2005 · ·
  1. Sitbcknchill
    To the Editor:

    A month ago an article I wrote in the News was criticized by a gentleman from Texas who apparently claims he is a former police officer and involved in an organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He challenged a section in my article where I included marijuana with other drugs that I claimed were addictive and deadly. I had to find out who could have made such a statement. The gentleman from Texas was part of a group that wants to legalize marijuana. He has made a website using the good name of Law Enforcement to promote marijuana legalization. Additionally he has been featured on the NORML ( National Organization Regulation of Marijuana Laws ) website.

    I viewed his web site and checked his links. He refers to studies made in 1973, that's 32 years ago. We as a society have to be very careful who to believe. Not only is marijuana addictive, but it is a major gateway drug especially to cocaine abuse. It can be the cause of heart disease, lung disease and several other physical and psychological problems. I have met far too many people through my 20+ year career as a police officer that have given me first hand information that they were addicted to the drug and were unable to quit.

    Although past information may have implied that marijuana may not be addictive, recent information disproves this theory. Whether it is physiological or psychological, the bottom line is: if you cannot cease the use of marijuana by choice, you are addicted. Why would there be a Marijuana - Anonymous organization if it was not addictive? Iif you are interested in viewing information regarding marijuana dangers and addiction, here are just a few sites to check: UPDATE.

    Defending marijuana as non harmful drug is wrong. It has been proven unsafe and that is why it is illegal. Use your common sense, how can any smoke going into your lungs be good for you, it just doesn't make sense. Our lungs run on oxygen, not toxic, cancer causing smoke. Sadly there are people who promote marijuana use purely because of selfish reasons. If smoking pot is no big deal as some defenders of the drug claim, how would they feel if they were having open heart surgery and their doctor was high on it, or if they boarded a plane and the pilot just smoked pot? Let's be honest.

    View the following sites involving my critic ( and ). The only true way to end the drug problem in our society is to never start. If you are using drugs, do the right thing and quit. If you can't do it alone, seek help as soon as possible. It's your life, make it a great one.

    Officer Jim Bowen

    Source: Weymouth News (MA)
    Copyright: 2005 Weymouth News

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  1. sands of time
    "If smoking pot is no big deal as some defenders of the drug claim, how would they feel if they were having open heart surgery and their doctor was high on it, or if they boarded a plane and the pilot just smoked pot?"

    And how would this guy feel if that same doctor or pilot just drank a 6 pack? No one is saying that people should get high and perform these types of tasks, people just want the freedom to smoke marijuana without loosing they're lives to the law.

    The general structure of this peice of writting resembles the work of an elementary school student. He's obviously below average in intelligence, he can't even think for himself, let alone make decent points for his arguement.
  2. Sitbcknchill
    Yeah it's utter crap but I felt it was worth posting as it is a little me anyway...
  3. Nagognog2
    I know Weymouth, Mass quite well. Weird town. Cops beat up the citizens, who are mostly blue-collar working-class, and the cops take their marching orders from the rich and elite minority. Blech! I'll bet you Porky got a raise for that.

    I find it interesting that pot is being blamed on everything from train wrecks to funding al Qaida. That smoking pot is tantamount to being a terrorist. Yet on our American TV sets, we now have ads for hard liquor. After a several decade's long moratorium, these ads are back. And not a whimper. No debate. No outcry. Get smashed on a bottle of Jack Daniels and know that pot-smokers are the enemy. Now there is a movement at work to legalize lowering the drinking age to 18 - if the 18 year old can show he did his duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Glug, glug, glug...vomit.
  4. Nature Boy
    This is the same guy that Penn & Teller took the piss out of on that show Bullshit! Funny episode that. They ridiculed the poor bastard.
  5. Alfa
    Care to post a link to that episode in the video section of the file archive?
  6. Pinkavvy
    Yeah, please do... swim would love to see it.
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